3 Categories of SEO-Strong Keywords for REALTORS — Jason Pantana


From an Seo standpoint, there are successfully THREE varieties of key phrases in #realestate.

  1. Name:  If you’re an agent the title of your Business, as an example, is most certainly simply your first and final title. If you’re working a group or if you happen to function an workplace, clearly, it’d be that. The level is, if somebody Googles your Business title—assuming your Seo is powerful—then your content material and net pages oughta rank.

  2. Occupation:  The second sort of key phrase has to do with the form of Business you conduct. So, for instance:  “Realtor,” “real estate agent,” “listing agent,” and so forth. It describes “what” you do—your position and the operate of your job.

  3. Location:  Finally, there are location-based key phrases that specify “where” you do Business:  counties, cities, neighborhoods, and so forth.

It’s mission-critical to make good use of those key phrases when representing your Business Online:  in your web site, Google Business Profile, and social Media pages, as an example. 

If you wanna get found by prospects extra steadily on Google, you’ve gotta CRUSH your key phrases!

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