7 Actions that you should take to get new leads


  1. Using LinkedIn connections

Linkedin is a professional community that has reliable and trustworthy clients. Most of the freelancers or digital marketing magazines are using this platform to score a new client. Well, now you must be wondering how to get leads through LinkedIn? Well, the answer is simple. First, you need to write an effective post that adds value to people present on LinkedIn

Your post should have the option to be viewed by anyone. If you set the limits to followers only, then your post would circulate within your connection. That would be hard in getting a new connection. 

So the trick is to make your profile available to anybody. Once you global, there would be tons of people who would be sending requests in LinkedIn. This is this way you will be building new connections every day

Once done, send your new connection a personal message on what type of services you offer and escalate the conversation after that. if the new connections respond to your personal message that means they are interested in working with you.

  1. Make use of freelancing websites

Look there are tons of freelancing websites that are fake.  This means they take up your time and your hard work and you won’t be paid for it. This is the reason we will suggest some of the genuine freelancing platforms that are known to be very trustworthy.  Some of the websites are Upwork, Fiver, and people per hour.

The working structure of these websites is very simple.  You will see various clients that post their work requirements on the platform and the only thing you need to do is bid your pay to them. 

For instance, a client has posted, that they need a freelance content writer that would complete their 1000 words file in 10 dollars. So you can bid your price to the clients stating that you are comfortable in providing the content for 8 dollars. if the price doesn’t suit you, the post can be ignored.

  1. Make a website for yourself

Everyone has become digital nowadays. Even to buy simple things groceries, vegetables, and stationary, people go to a website.  So if you create your own website explaining your services, then people can find you with the help of the internet.  Now there are thousands of website builders that would easily build a website for you. For this, you need to come from a technical background. Some of the genuine website builders are word press and Wix

  1. partnership

By partnership, we mean partnering with the company that operates in the same industry as you.  for instance, let’s say that you are a content marketing agency and there are only 20 in-house writers available with you.

As time went by, your workload increased and there is no way that your workers can keep with the workload.. So you outsource your work with another content writing agency. So strategic partnership will help you a lot in earning good business

  1. Take the help of twerking

No business can survive without networking. This means you need to take of business networking channels like Trello, Yelp, Goodfrims, Angel list, and so on. Promoting ads on these websites will help you get more audience

6.Free service

Suppose you are trying to offer food developed service same as a tomato. So why would someone take food from your service and not take it from zomato? You need to build trust first and hence services need to be done for free.

When people hear free services, they automatically get excited about its human nature. So in the case of food delivery. You can deliver free services for the first 3 months and tell your customers to write a testimonial for you. so when people see you  digitally, they would be impressed by positive testimonials

  1. Cold emails

Believe it or not, emails are the best way where you can get a massive amount of leads.  So now you must be wondering, how can you create an email list for yourself.  well, there are two ways in which you can do it.  If you have a blog then people who subscribe to you will subscribe to you through the method of email.  Second, you can have google to find business emails. This known as data mining

Parting tips

The tips that you are mentioned above, will help you get new leads.  Take careful note of these tips and adopt them, so that every day you can get a new lead for your business.  Adapt these strategies and stay ahead in the market. 

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