7 Differences between Blog and Podcast That You Should Know In 2020


Before the age of technology, people only relied on a physical journal to express their thoughts and ideologies by penning them down. But if we are to fast forward a few years, journal writing dynamics were radically modified to online blogging. 

If we are to define blogging, then we can say it is when people share information online in the form of personal experience, analysis, etc. If we are to look at the present-day situation of blogging, people express their ideas and thoughts on the internet through personal websites or guest posts. 

Podcasts are a series of audio programs that people can choose to subscribe to on their Smartphone’s so that they can listen to them whenever they wish. These audio episodes can be about diverse types of content like stories, discussions, inspirational, debates, reviews, informative, etc. 

Few Differences between Blog And Podcast That Will Come In Handy In 2020-2021

  1. SEO Friendly

SEO has a vital part in ranking the digital results in search engines. Please note that if your blog doesn’t have any significance to the readers, it will have a very high bounce rate. Any amount of SEO techniques like keyword research and link building would not be able to save your blog if it doesn’t talk to the readers. 

On the other hand, podcasts have limits to search-ability because it is an audio type of content. Keywords used in a podcast script cannot be identified in the text and matched to the search results. 

  1. Intellectual And Emotional Intimacy

The human voice connection made by a podcast is much more notable than the intellectual and emotional connection people might sense while reading a blog. Podcasts are often made very carefully where the hosts are selected to be the people who are knowledgeable about a particular topic and those who can talk on the podcast with industry experts for tackling concepts.

Podcasts listeners also expect the host(s) to share advices and experiences with a hint of humor for the audience’s entertainment. Giving the content a human voice is like giving it a personality, which is a level of connectivity that words typed on a screen can never attain.

  1. Time Investment

On average, readers don’t spend more than 35 seconds on a blog. Whereas in comparison, podcast listeners spend about 6.5 hours per week listening to the episodes. 

  1. Competition

It is not easy to write new content related to the most searched keywords that almost all industries are trying to include in their blogs. And it is very tough nowadays to create a blog that stands out amidst the rest because there is already so much written content available online. To draw more traffic to your blog, you must study the topics thoroughly and approach them from a different and unique angle entirely.  

Podcasts, on the other hand, have the benefit of being a comparatively new concept. This makes the competition a little less about the matters that have already been used as content for making podcasts. Also, there are topics about which a lot cannot be written but can be discussed and analyzed through conversation, and for which podcast is a more feasible option.

5.Audience Reach

In exactly one year (2018-2019), the number of podcast listeners had grown by almost 60%. Observations have shown that 80% of the audience listens to the entire podcast. It is noted that present-day audiences prefer hearing informative content in comparison to reading them. However, businesses that publish blog get about 67% more visitors on their website than the businesses which don’t blog.

6.Call To Action Features

The call to action gap in the podcast is an insufficiency of the content that annoys many audiences. You won’t be able to press the CTA button the moment you get highly interested or inspired while listening to a podcast. 

Instead, one will have to return to the website and explore before filling out a form. However, when it comes to blogs, you can easily click on the CTA button while reading the text and get forwarded to the desired site without the hassle of exploring and losing the reading flow.

7.The Option for Multitasking

The way you can work on several things while hearing your friend or family talk while listening to music, the same can be done while hearing a podcast. Multitasking allows people to enjoy entertaining and exciting content without skipping their daily chores.

A lot of people like listening to podcasts while driving. But when it comes to reading a blog, it requires our full attention. And this is why the amount of time people spend while reading a blog remains considerably shorter than that they spend while listening to a podcast.

Parting tips 

Hope these differences between Blog and Podcast were able to give you a clear idea of where each type of content stands in the present day.

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