7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Social Media


Social Media, There’s absolutely no way you haven’t heard of it yet. Over the last few years Social has completely changed the Internet. Actually it has changed the whole world and also the world of marketing.



Social Media Marketing is a way for companies or Brands to Interact with customers maybe potential customers in a Social natural way.

This is typically done on bigger Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. It can also be done on smaller Niche sites that are built more around Community.

Social Media is like a town hall It’s a place where people come to see the families or to catch up with friends, Share stories even discuss today’s latest breaking news or to educate themselves.

People want to be handed a flyer with your Sales pitch on it people wanted to discuss and engage in things that are relevant to them and interesting to them.

There’s a chance for brands to get in touch with these prospects that could be coming through their pipeline as a chance for them to reach out to people that may not know anything about them

And be able to discuss what’s important to them to engage in these conversations and have a real discussion about real things that matter to the individual.



‘’Social Media is the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution’’ – Erik Qualman, Socialnomics. The Old way of Advertising in no longer working, They way it used to.

Newspaper Advertising is down 18.7% and 90% of people skip TV ADS with DVR. Only 14% of the people trust ADS while 76% of people trust consumer recommendations for purchase decisions.

81% of respondents said they received advice from friends and followers relating to a product purchase through a Social Site, of those who received such advice 74% found it to be influential in their decision.


  • Radio took 38 long years to reach 50 million listeners.
  • Television took 13 years to reach 50 million Viewers.
  • Internet took 4 years to bring 50 million people online.
  • Ipod took 3 years to obtain 50 million users.
  • Facebook took less than 12 months to reach 200 million people.


Social Media is the No. One activity on the web. Do You Know? That 1 out 8 couples married in the United States, met via Social Media.

Internet traffic is growing at an annual rate of 50%-60%. Visiting Social sites is now more popular than checking personal email. Facebook is leading the way people connect to one another and the way we receive information.

Facebook has more than 500 million active users, The average user spends 55 Minutes or more a day on Social Media. These are all reasons to start Social Media Marketing.

With this huge Opportunity, Digital Marketing Agencies comes in. Well do you know what is a Digital Marketing Agency? If No, then this is for you-

If you are a Businessman, Who does not have time and you don’t have any idea how to grow your business digitally?

That’s where a Digital Marketing Agency comes in. They can help your business in multiple ways. There are some ways:

  • They can help you in reaching your target audience with organic & Paid Social Media Marketing. If you are looking for one, you must check out: com, the leading Digital Marketing Agency.
  • They can help you in explaining your business in a video form.
  • They can help you in ranking your website on the top of google with Search Engine Optimization.
  • They can also help you in promoting your website Efficiently on Google Adwords and bring your more business.

There are many benefits to approach a Digital Marketing Agency, If you are new to this field.



Internet has changed the world of Marketing. So what are the reasons for your business to start utilizing these new forms of communication as soon as possible.

These are the Seven most important ones:



Number One, Social Media Offers another marketing channel for creating brand awareness, Relationship building or Driving new sales.

So, Why not use it especially when it’s free right! Brand Awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers,

And is correctly associated with a particular product expressed usually as a percentage of the target market. Brand Awareness is the primary goal of advertising in the early months or years of a products.

Social Media is an Excellent modern way to create Brand Awareness. If you have a business and no one know you, then what is fun?

Time has changed and the marketing strategies too. There is simple rule when it comes business, If you are recognized you are valued & This is why Brand Awareness is so important.



Well it seems like people trust each other when they know more about each other or we can your brand. What Social Media does is it identifies your brand and allows you to connect with other people.

Trust is the currency for the brands. That’s what the whole game is about, building trust. Social Media act as a transparent gateway to you & your customers. Which create trust for the Brands.

Effective Digital Community Management via Social media allows your company or brand to establish an emotional between your company and your prospects.



Social Media is very Inexpensive when compared to other Advertising and Marketing tools available to individuals and businesses.

By simply spending some time working on Social Media presence for a few minutes a day, you can see great benefits of increased exposure and sales, and develop good relationship with your customers.

Social Media cut Marketing costs compared to traditional channels like newspaper, printer advertising. Social Media is affordable for any business.

Remember that the channel itself is free!



Nowadays more than 80% consumers of our businesses sell us the name on the internet before buying a product or particular service.

They serve with their keywords to search and get a list of relevant websites in return. People tend to visit websites which are on top of the search results,

Because they appear more relevant to their search queries that is shows that if your website is not of the search results, It is result difficult to reach your customers online.

Websites off page one get 95% of all traffic as compared to the ones the second and third page. All this happens because of better SEO of Website.

There is a saying that ‘’Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first’’. This is why SEO is important in the field Digital Marketing.



Social Media channels are a great source for feedback. Why not use Social Media to monitor your company performance and increase trust worthiness.

How you respond to customer questions on Social Media can have a big impact on your brand. It is as important as responding to emails or calls.

90% of people have used Social Media to communicate with a Brand. Customers who engage with companies over Social Media spend 20%-40% more money.

Don’t miss out on these sales due to poor Customer service. Succeeding at customer service on Social Media can be easy.



Expand Sales & Reach a new audience Listening to your prospects on Social Networks can help you respond to customer specific needs.

This will most likely cause an increase in sales bust also expand your customers base.

Social Media is a major lead generator and it constantly brings High Volume Traffic to your Website. According to a linkedIn Study, 61% of small businesses find Social Media useful in gaining new customers.

Social Media is globally accessible platforms, Websites, and Mobile Applications through which people communicate and share content with one another.

You can use Social Media to connect with customers and prospects at a global level with a personal touch. Social Media bring more than 79% of Potential Customers to company.



Social Media Marketing has positive effects on your business. The greatest impact of online life advertising is that you can reach to your focused on Audience, stay engaged with them & respond to their queries quickly.

Social Media has become the norms in our Culture. The first place consumers go to find Reviews, Hours, Directions, Services. All the information they need to feel confident in a purchase choice.

Social Media is not constant, Social Media Trend are always changing. Social Media Trends is the one thing about Social Media that never changes!

Social Media is an incredible method to assess your competition by monitoring their Social Media pages.

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