Amazing SEO tips for success which you might be ignoring


Hey there friend, you might have recently started a new blog to share the knowledge and wisdom you have learned. Or maybe you are hosting a whole series of websites for multiple reasons. Search Engine Optimization, or also known as SEO is a key segment in hosting a website. It is what mainly defines how well your page will rank on the Search Engine Results Page.

You might be someone new to this field or someone with a lot of experience of writing content. But however seasoned one might be there are still chances that we miss on little things. Little things that are important but won’t strike you at the heat of the moment. So, here are some SEO tips for success in the lifestyle of your website which you might have been ignoring.

Amazing SEO tips for success

In spite of having all the qualitative and informative …

SEO tips for success

  1. Quality of Image – You might know that having an image in your web page helps in letting the crawlers know about the legibility. It also acts as a piece of advertisement/marketing. The images are shown under the images section of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Additionally, better quality, that is high resolution also looks better for the reader. It also shows the efforts put into the website.
  2. Optimizing for multiple platforms – While creating a website you need to keep in mind the multiple platforms on which people might view the site. That means that you need to keep the web pages’ user interface and visibility compatible with multiple platforms. These platforms can be such as a PC, mobile phone or tablet.
  3. Write for humans – Indeed it is the crawlers and bots that will rank your page higher or lower. But when you write for humans, that is for people who will actually be reading the content, it’ll retain more people on the site. Which tells the bots that the site is worthy and will rank higher. Indeed, using the keywords naturally in an article would be the best thing to do.
  4. Originality – There are tonnes and tonnes of web pages and sites out on the internet, and you need to stand unique amongst them. The best way to be distinct is to have original content. Having original content will not only bring in more people to your site to quench their thirst for knowledge. But it will also help the bots devise your site as a unique one, without plagiarism. That will in turn help you rank higher, again.
  5. URLs – URLs are not the first thing that comes to people’s mind. But having a consistent URL throughout your website amongst multiple web pages helps. Also, if you can sync the website’s URL with what it is about to convey, it will work well too. Short and crisp URLs will also dominate the SERPs. This is a place where most of the SEO optimizers miss on.

Bonus Tips

Well, you know giving a little more than you promised is always good. It makes the reader believe that you are indeed dedicated to giving them the quality they need.

  • Google and other search engines have their very own analytics. Making good use of the tools provided by the search engine themselves is really helpful. They will help you directly and indirectly to optimize your web page. For example Google Analytics also helps you with the keywords. You can use Google Keyword tool to know which keyword would be perfect for you.
  • Link building is also something one should focus on. The links to and from your web pages must be good, and trustworthy. This assures the crawlers that you have got a trustworthy page. It again makes it rank higher.
  • Having videos in your web pages is also quite useful. Not only will it be shown under the videos section of the SERP. But it will also make the site more interactive. This imminently means that the users will spend more time on your page. So this tells the crawlers that your site is providing quality information. That’s why it’ll rank your site higher.
  • Have category pages on your website. What this does are give a rabbit hole of information for people to surf through. It again increases the interaction with the people.

These were some points which people miss out on. Hope you keep this in your mind while creating your next web page. Also, do not forget to share this with people who would appreciate your efforts.

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