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Search Engine Optimization is the ultimate way to further the cause of a business endeavor. Having the right amount of exposure is a necessity to bring in more people. They help your audience to look into your products and services and offer a good and loyal customer base. Backlink maker is one such tool to help you out in this aspect. Backlinks are one of the ways through which you can inculcate multiple layers of information in one. But you never know how well your backlinks are working. That is the point where Backlink Checker comes into play.

According to Google, “Content and Links going into your site, are the two most important ranking factors followed by RankBrain.” – Andrey Lipattsev, (Search Quality Senior Strategist).

But before we delve deeper into the world of backlink checkers, you need to know what a backlink is. Let us get started.

What are backlinks?

Backlink refers to the web resource link from one site to the other.

Is this confusing you?

Well, in lay-man’s terms you can refer to backlinks as citations.

Backlink checker

There are two different types of backlinks, “Do follow backlink” and “No-follow backlink.”

You can learn more about either – here.

Next step, knowing what a backlink checker is!

What is a backlink checker?

Backlink checkers as the name suggests checks for backlinks. Each and every site or web page must have good backlinks in order to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP).

You should know that it takes time for a link to show up in the backlink database. It largely depends on the popularity of a website. In general popular websites get indexed faster than smaller/less popular websites.

What the backlink checker does is to scrounge through the URL. To see if there are any other web pages in the World Wide Web linked to this.

Why use a backlink checker?

The next question you might have in your mind is why should you use a backlink checker. Well, there are multiple reasons for this. You might be aware of the backlinks of your site, yet you might not know the quality of these backlinks.

The reason why you should focus on the quality of the backlinks is because Search engines focus on them. In case a backlink from your site is trustworthy according to the Search Engine standards. Then your page shall be more trustworthy in the eyes of the Search Engine. But in case the backlink in your site isn’t well reputed with the Search Engine. The chances of you ranking higher on the SERP will be low.

Your process of making your site better should start from auditing the backlinks of your site. This means to check how good or bad are the backlinks. To note is the fact that the more backlinks you have in your page, the higher and better reputation it shall have. But that doesn’t mean that you will spam your site with backlinks. As search engine algorithms are smart enough to identify if it is legit or spam.

Another section of your audit might include checking the backlinks of your competitor. This is done in order to judge yourself with regard to how you are doing the backlinks and SEO. This audit might give you some insights that you might not have known previously.

The next most obvious question is, how?

How do you check the backlinks for a particular URL?

Which software to use to check the backlinks?

There is a multitude of software and sites available to use from the internet. There are chances that you’ll be confused as to what to use from them. Don’t you worry, because we have got you covered here too.

Backlink Checker by Free SEO Tools Portal is one such free to use software that will help you out in this regard. This site also has tools to make backlinks.

Why should you use this tool, you ask?

The answer is multi fold.

This software is absolutely free to use. As the name suggests, it is a portal on the internet and you don’t even have to download it. Just click on the link, enter the required details. Then a table will come up with the data you require.

Many sites require authentication, or mandatory signing up required before you get to know the data. But it is not at all required for this Portal. It is free.

Moreover, you don’t have to enter your credit card details like you would do on some other sketchy sites. Making this more trustworthy.

The best of all the features is that it is really simple to use. All you have to do is to enter the URL of the site, for which you want to check the backlink. Click on the blue submit button. The table of content which shows the backlinks and how good they are.

That is it. It is as simple as that!

Go for it, check if you have good and healthy backlinks, if not correct them and rank higher!

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