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Search Engine Optimization is the ultimate way to further the cause of a business endeavor. Having the right amount of exposure is a necessity to bring in more people. They help your audience to look into your products and services and offer a good and loyal customer base. Backlink maker is one such tool to help you out in this aspect.

What is backlink?

Backlink refers to the web resource link from one site to the other.

Too confusing for you?

Well, in lay-man’s terms you can refer to backlinks as citations.

Backlink Maker

What does backlinks mean & practical ways to get easily …

There are basically two different types of backlinks, “Do follow backlink” and “No-follow backlink.”

You can learn more about either – here.

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks play an important role in Search Engine Optimization. It is a crucial factor in the determination of the organic traffic towards your site. Now, the next question in your mind might be, “How does this even happen?”

Well, the answer to this question is two-fold.

  1. Helps Google find pages – Google has got spiders and crawlers (don’t worry, they aren’t real, just virtual). These spiders crawl through the web pages in search of healthy backlinks. That in turn determines how well your website will rank on Google’s Search Engine Results Page(SERP).
  2. Lends Credibility & builds site authority – The higher the traffic on your page, the more are the chances to rank higher on Google’s SERP. If your site or page has been mentioned by other credible websites. People will visit your website to understand what it is all about, which helps to build traffic.

There are many Search Engine Optimization techniques out there, but in all of them backlinks play a pivotal role. Not only in scaling your business but also in acquiring your traffic.

What is a backlink maker?

If you have been writing blogs, or if you have a website you would be aware of backlinks. And the fact that they are extremely important. Backlink maker is one such tool that helps the new and budding websites to make backlinks automatically.

There are many such software out there which check and track parameters. These parameters include amount of traffic, hosting provider, ranked keywords, social shares, IP address, domain age, Google PageRank, and many more. They also look in to the possible vulnerabilities and issues of a site like SEO vulnerability, Security vulnerability, etc.

What backlink maker does is it automatically looks through these provide you with a link that you can use. This can be in your blogs, as a link to a different page. Or in the backend.

Which backlink maker to use?

If you go out and search for backlink makers. There will be tonnes and tonnes of them out there. But the key issue is to trust whom, because many of them are just spammy and those that are not spammy ask for money.

Well, you are in luck today!

The Backlink generator by SEO Tools Portal is an absolutely free tool. There is no need to sign-up or give your email or enter your credit card details.

All you have to do is to enter your domain name in the box and then click on the blue submit button under it. Wait for a few seconds while it processes the data being crawled through the World Wide Web. It will then present to you all the usable and healthy backlinks in the form of a table. The clickable links can be copied too.

Now you can use these backlinks in your sites to generate more organic traffic and increase the SERP ranking.

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