5 best Forum plugin


A forum is a place where like-minded people want to discuss ideas and thoughts. For instance, let’s say that you love visiting a forum that concentrates on games. So when you find someone who has the same interest in you. Then the satisfaction that comes with it is immense

Now if you are really interested in opening a forum on your own, you need the help of certain forum plug-ins that will be discussed in this digital piece.  These have plug-ins have rated as the best plug-in for 2020. So without further delay, let’s begin :

  1.     BB press
  2.     WPForo Forum
  3.     Asgaros forum
  4.     DW question and answer
  5.     Buddy press

1.BB press

Bb press has been named as the most used plugin of all time.  The success can be based on the fact, that back in the day there was no competition of the forum. It has been loved by most of the users because the website has a clean user interface and combined with a lightweight build

Using BB press plug-in is like going to a brown dog ice cream instead of a normal ice cream joint. Since a well-known ice cream parlor has more varieties of ice cream and the menu would be diverse. In addition, the toppings of the ice cream can be of your choice.

The same thing goes with the BB press. Once this plugin used in the website.  You will have the privilege to change colors, do adjustment how you like it and also have the facility to enable visual editor

Amazing Features of the plugin

  • Imagine a plugin that lets you use all the features just for free, yes its a press plugin
  •  Presence of more than  200 extensions
  • Multiple forums can be managed with the help of one dashboard

2.Buddy press

When somebody thinks of bb press it a high chance they will mention another plugin known as the buddy press.  This is because both of the plugins are made up of the same development team.  

With the help of the plug-in, you will be allowed to send a friendship request to the person, who shares the same vision as yours. So in closing, you can have you and your group friends make special groups according to your needs

Now, most of the users are very comfortable in using this website, this is because the plug-in has an easy learning curve and there is zero hassle when the plugin is launched to your website.

Amazing Features of this plugin

  • The plugin completely free and the plug has continuously developed from time to time
  • The plugin helps turn a part of your website into a social platform for communicating with your forum friends.  So that you can personal friends
  • The possibility of adding custom fields is always possible


This forum plugin makes money by selling add-ons.  The add ons basically offer features like private messaging, add customizable fields, and polls. This forum plugin makes money by selling add ons.  

The add ons basically offer features like private messaging, add customizable fields, and polls.  Now there is a certain category of people who are moving from BB press to WPForoForum, because the new forum plug-in offers modern design and personally, we think that too.

See the main reason for its popularity is because the threads are nicely organized, the color of the plug-in gives a welcoming feel to the visitors. When you get started with the plugin, you will get some layout already like, but as you  you plan to upgrade the plugin  with extension then you will be charged somewhere between 14- 20 dollars

Amazing Features of this plugin

  •  You will have the facility to vote and answer
  • Provides modern design than the other two platforms provided above
  • Three layouts are provided with this forum . one is known as the simplified forum, the other is known as the extended forum and the last one is known as the final forum

4.Asgaraos forum

See if you are someone who likes to incorporate a light build forum on your website then the Asgaros forum is your go to destination.   Everybody needs to complete control over the plugin, the forum provides just that

All the controls of the plug-in are given to the admin.  The plug-in comes with a  good editor, a strong notification system, and looks very elegant. Now the developers have made sure that you use the plug-in for free. In addition, there is also an option of the donation button, where you can contribute, some amount of money if you like the work

The amazing feature of the word press plug

  • Managing the plugin super easy
  • If any friends of yours want to do a guest post, then they are allowed. You will always have the option to turn this off
  • There is an inbuild statics page that would let you know about  users who are visisting your page

5.Dw question and answer

This will be the best platform if you are thinking of opening a forum website like quora or yahoo. You must have seen that quora have a voting system, where if the answer is liked they are vomited. Most voted to answer  movies at the top of the forum page

This is an open-source project that is available for free.  Also, it supports does multiple languages. So it doesn’t matter which country you belong from as you are sure to get a language to incorporate in your website

The amazing feature of the word press plugin

  • The most voted answer will rise at the top of the page
  •  A captcha is included so that spammers could stay away
  • An internal private discussion can be helpful for the like-minded people
  • Multiple add are available which can be used for download

Parting tips

Hope the information, presented above has enlightened you about the top 5 forum plug-ins that have taken the market by storm. Each plug-in has a different set of features, so read very carefully before selecting one for your business. Follow our blog, in order to stay updated with the technical updates.

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