33 Best Tips and tricks of SEO strategies In Short.


SEO is a growing field in the world of Internet Marketing. It is a process of increasing the traffic of a website organically (without using any software programs or external help). It is important to follow the right SEO processes and techniques to bring your website at the top of the search results. These following SEO tips and tricks can surely help you achieve your goal of becoming successful in the world of SEO.

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  1. Title Tag is the most crucial on-page SEO element. Make a compelling title to get maximum user attention.
  2. Use your keyword in the first paragraph & make sure the content is equally distributed.
  3. Meta description is another important factor that influences your site rankings.
  4. Use internal links to optimize internal SEO.
  5. Optimize your site for faster speed, it is important for higher rankings.
  6. Make your page load faster by optimizing your images and compressing them correctly.
  7. It’s better to use a single domain or sub-domain instead of multiple domains.
  8. Choose the right Keywords for your site.
  9. Do not forget to ping the search engines, and tell them about new content on your site.
  10. Avoid using Flash, hotlinks and other plugins that slow down your site.
  11. Choose quality and trusted backlinks, avoid sponsored links and links from spam sites.
  12. Take one keyword and build a website exclusively for that keyword.
  13. Site loading time is an important factor in mobile sites.
  14. Avoid internal duplications because it creates a confusion among the readers.
  15. Make your page loading time as fast as possible.
  16. Include your keywords in the comments section.
  17. Do not forget to optimize your E-mail IDs.
  18. Search Engine bots work best with Title Tags in Bold.
  19. Do not forget to Ping directories, as it shows up in Webmaster tool.
  20. Try to get as many social media followers as possible.
  21. It is always better to embed your keywords in an image than using an image as link.
  22. Posting quality contents is a great strategy to get traffic.
  23. Develop a mobile site to get a share of the mobile traffic.
  24. Do not try SEO only once and let it go, try it consistently for better results.
  25. Sell your products and services on websites like FreeAds and Craigslist.
  26. Search engines love fresh content and will help you rank higher if you keep posting new content.
  27. It is very important to host your site on a secure server.
  28. Prioritize the keywords that are most relevant to your site.
  29. Provide contact information to your audience.
  30. Make sure that you use relevant tags to get better ranking in search engines.
  31. Update your contact information if you are migrating to a new domain name, an old website etc.
  32. It is better to write your meta descriptions using keywords (long tail) rather using tags.
  33. Don’t forget to share this article to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.

like any other company or individual, it’s have some of the best tips and tricks which you need to apply it when it comes to SEO, we have provided you with the list of best tips to apply SEO strategies which we have used being an SEO specialist and have got fine results.

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