Comparison of Hostinger vs. SiteGround


Comparison of Hostinger vs. SiteGround: which web host one should consider?

This article will compare Hostinger vs. SiteGround; we will analyze all the essential features of both the web hosting tool and ultimately provide you the verdict you’re opting for.

Choosing the best web hosting tool for your site is an essential factor when you’re opting to take your business online. One has to consider several factors while buying any web hosting tool like a server’s performance or the uptime speed, or the overall web hosting experience. If you’re confused about which hosting service will be best for your site, then you are looking in the right place, to begin with.

There are some parameters and services of hosting tools one should understand before beginning with the comparison between Hostinger vs. SiteGround. Let’s discuss some web hosting service:

Website builder: these are typically a tool that helps build a website without any proper code. Nowadays, many web hosting companies come with these tools, which help to build a website. This thing is very to a useful individual who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of coding.

Shared hosting: shared hosting has immense popularity nowadays. What is this shared hosting? Shared hosting allows many websites to access a single server. Shared Hosting is the most comfortable and cheapest option out there. One might have to share some tour software or application, or the physical server, etc.

Collocating hosting: In this service, one gets full access to its server. But this server is quite expensive as one might have to buy a web hosting company server.

Both of the web hosting tools provide great features, and we will analyze both the hosting tool. Let’s dive into the type of hosting or plans or on the benefits over by Hostinger or SiteGround. We hope this article will help you to make the decision you’re seeking.

Hosting vs. SiteGround comparison 




Data centres














1.Free Website Builder
2. Free SSL and CDN
3. Unmetered Traffic
4. Unlimited MYSQL
 5.Free Email Accounts
 6.On-Demand Backup
 7.WordPress Staging
8.One-Click Git Repo Creation
9. SG optimizer plug-in

1.Easy Website Builder
 2.Webmail access
 3.Unique hPanel
 4.Free SSL
5.Free Domain

6.Daily backups

 7.FTP over SSL
8.Cache Manager


1.Domain Registration
2.Web Hosting
3.WordPress Hosting
4.Cloud Hosting
5.Reseller Hosting
6.Enterprise Hosting
7.WooCommerce Hosting
8.Student Hosting
9.Email Service

1.Domain Name
2.Web Hosting
3.WordPress Hosting
4.VPS Hosting
5.Cloud Hosting
6.ECommerce Hosting
7.Email Hosting
8.Web Design Services

Introduction to Hostinger

Hostinger is a great web host if you consider yourself a beginner. If you’re looking for a decent web hosting company at a reasonable price, you should consider this web hosting tool on your list. They also provide free domain to their new users. They have many outstanding features, and also their support system is quite remarkable; they will guide you correctly if one faces any problem regarding your site.


The basic plan of hosting $0.99/ month, and renewal rates cost way more cheaply than usual monthly basic plans. Hosting is one of the most reliable and cheapest web hosting tools for beginners.


They come with a built-in control panel for starter, which comes with a fully functional UI/UX tool. Furthermore, severe upload speed is quite reasonable, having a global average speed of 180ms.

Introduction to SiteGrounds

On the other hand, SiteGround is one of the popular host service providers. They offer various hosting options that come at a reasonable price that is suitable for any given site. More than 2 million users trust SiteGround for their needs.

SiteGrounds basic plans start from $6.99 per month, which is a bit expensive as compared to its competitor, but at the same time, they provide so many great features, which is very useful if you consider owning a website.

SiteGround provides various hosting services like VPS hosting, WordPress hosting services, etc.

In short, SiteGround is a great web hosting tool, but to consider their service, one needs to spend quite a lot of money.

Loading Speed 

We emphasize speed as an essential criterion to decide which web hosting service plan should one consider. These days most customers expect your site to load faster. So in this section, we will consider the loading speed each of the hosting sites provides.

Hostinger’s Loading Speed

The loading speed of a site plays a vital role in the user’s experience. So ever had an experience of opening a place, and it takes forever to open? We get the problem right. Most of all, if most people don’t wait long enough to load that site, they leave that site. All three hosting servers, if connected to a 1000mbps connection, provides a stable load time.

If one targeting European marketing hosting will provide you the fastest load speed. Its average rate is 54ms for the London server. For those who are seeking Singapore and US servers, they offer a decent load speed of 165ms.

All the server of Hostinger provides excellent loading speed. Just for a reminder, if your user stays closer to the data center, the faster the rate will be. It is a useful web hosting tool, but the speed provided by this tool is slower than SiteGround.

SiteGround’s Loading Speed

As earlier mentioned, site speeds play a vital role while deciding which hosting service will be useful for the site, as load speed determines user experience. Research has been found that more than 53% of users abandoned the site if the site takes more than five seconds to load.

If one considers a slow host, one tries whatever means the loading speed will create issues for one site.

For starter, one doesn’t need to think about loading speed as SiteGround. SiteGround has sorted out all the things as their average loading speed of 673ms. SiteGround comes in the top 10 webs hosting site for providing the fastest loading speed. In short, this web hosting tool provides loading speed faster than Hostinger.     

99.9% Uptime guarantee 

What is this uptime? This is when a site server stays up or runs for a specific time; a few hosting companies take uptime guarantee seriously. Small business sites need their site to be up to a maximum, as any downtime means their potential sales loss. Furthermore, prolonged rest can lead to a loss of Google ranking, which will adversely affect the business.

Some hosting companies provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee feature. Still, they play some shady terms, which can create a massive problem for one if they buy that company’s web hosting tool.

When it comes down to this feature, both the hosting companies are pretty clear about the uptime guarantee service. We want to highlight and explain why both the platforms stand out from its competitor. 

Hostinger’s Uptime guarantee 

This web hosting tool provides an uptime guarantee of up to 99.9%. They have added in their terms that if they fail to do so or because of any technical error, they fail to do so, contact them. They will credit 5% of the money from your monthly fee back. Yeah, but there is a catch one needs to purchase their service after that.

SiteGround’s Uptime guarantee

Suppose one considering that this web hosting tool is worth your penny, or not one needs to consider this uptime metric. Various statistics show that SiteGround has excellent uptime. This thing keeps the server up for 99.9% of the time. The SiteGround comes on top four when it comes down to uptime features. 

As we have earlier mentioned, one should consider this thing as a priority feature if prolonged downtime can lead to loss of sales. And we glad to announce both the hosting website provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Cache management 

Being able to catch cache comes in handy as this speeds up the loading speed of a site. Adding this feature makes your site more efficient.

Hostinger’s Cache management

For the hosting site, this feature comes in the name of” cache manager. “Enabling this feature will going to improve the speed.

You need to follow this instruction to enable this feature:

  • Enter CPanel and click the manage option on the hosting site
  • Scroll down to the Advanced option and click the cache manager present in that section
  • Once you click that option, you will land the page and click on the change option present in there 
  • After clicking that, an “automatic cache” option will turn green.
  • You need to click the “purge option,” and you’re all set.

SiteGround’s Cache management

For SiteGround, there is a dynamic cache, which is also part of the super cache. Dynamic cache catches all the necessary resources which are dynamically generated. This section of the article will discuss how one can enable this feature in the SiteGround web hosting tool.

Follow this instruction:

  • Download appropriate plugin for the application 
  • In a dynamic cache, you will set the plugin option and enable it.
  • Once the dynamic cache is enabled, there is no need for further changes.


This is one of the most important and preferred features provided by any hosting web service. Both of the company consider the cybersecurity of their potential customer as their priority. This section will give some necessary insights into how they work and why it is such an essential factor for your websites.

Hostinger’s Security

  1. Advance security feature

Hosting servers are loaded with advanced security features like “Suhosin PHP Hardening” and “Apache Mod_security.”

  • Suhosin comes with an advanced protection system known as PHP 5 Installation. This system protects servers or the user from known or unknown PHP malfunction. This malfunction can breach someone’s privacy and create a security threat.
  • Apache Mod_security comes with a flexible rule engine; this thing performs various complex operations. This thing also supports the Core Rule Set. This thing protects against security threats like session hacking or SQL Injection, and so on.
  1. HTTP/2

Hostnger supports HTTP/2 for premium plans. It is the latest technology, which is a way faster way of securing a website. Even Google indicates pages that do not have an HTTP/2 security system. HTTP/2 works by sending data via binary code. Due to this, the web communication of the website gets an enhanced level of security.

SiteGround’s Security

Their potential customer’s server security is their main priority to ensure that various new technological aspects are being added to the SiteGround web hosting tool.

  • By default, all the servers are added with the latest PHP 7 version, which comes with security fixes.
  • They use the IDS/IPS system, which blocks sever for a malware attack. 
  • A shared server supports ModSecurity, and they update the security rules on weekdays. This thing protects its customers from any potential attack.
  • They continuously monitor the issues in the most popular servers or modules. Suppose there is any sign of any particular attack. In that case, they develop virtual patches in the form of a web application firewall.
  • They also ensure user’s data to the server’s trusted member, and they can only access that only on request under strict policies.

They provide all the necessary security to ensure the server is secure. Most of the web applications are under constant attention to prevent the site from any malware attack.

In general, both the web hosting tool provides the necessary security to ensure user data safety. But for Hostinger, one needs to pay extra bucks to unlock the particular HTTP/2 function, and advance security feature comes with a basic plan. For SiteGround, all the features mentioned above come with a premium package.

SiteGround vs. Hostinger Pricing and Plans  

This section of the article will provide you the plans and their plans and provide the features available with that price.


Single Shared Hosting

$ 0.99/month

1 website

10GB storage

100GB bandwidth

Premium shared hosting

$ 2.89/month

for 100 websites

provides 20 GB storage

Gives unlimited Bandwith

Business shared hosting

$ 3.99/ month

for 100 websites

provides 30GB cloud storage

gives unlimited bandwith




Starup plan

$6.99/ month

1 website

Provides 10GB storage

Approximately 10,000 visit per month


GrowBig plan


Unlimited website

Provides 20GB storage

Approximately 25,000 visits per month


GoGeek Plan



Unlimited website

Provides 40GB cloud storage

Approximately 100,000 visits per month..


More Comparison on SiteGround vs Hostinger

  • SiteGround hosting pricing is costlier as compared to Hostinger pricing plans
  • SiteGround comes with standard cPanel, but Hostinger comes with custom cPanel
  • Siteground has better customer support than Hostinger 
  • Hostinger provides 100 websites at its top plans; on the other hand, SiteGround offers unlimited websites at its GoGeek program.
  • Hostinger doesn’t come with phone support while SiteGround offers phone support
  • For WordPress user SiteGround web hosting tool is recommended whereas Hostinger is not recommended for this purpose.

Customer support

Having an excellent customer service is the primary requirement of a useful web hosting tool. One should understand communicating with a company support team can make someone work more efficient, productive as well as comfortable. We are glad to say both the hosting companies provide excellent customer support. Still, SiteGround customer support’s has more functionality than Hostinger.

Hostinger’s customer support

It provides 24/7 live chat support. To access this facility, one needs to have a Hostinger account first. They provide a facility known as Live Chat Widget, which comes very handy for the user, specifically those who are not used to with these technical aspects of web hosting. Live chat widget is present on the corner most bottom in the right-hand side of the dashboard. This thing creates an easy passage for communication between the user and Hostinger customer support team.

They also provide other facilities like one can send gif or emoji during the chat. They provide services to 20 different countries and in which the user can communicate with customer service in their native language.

SiteGround’s customer support

SiteGround Customer Support is one of the best customer support systems in the whole hosting community. The customer executive is capable enough, and they can handle even the most extreme situation. SiteGrounds staff needed to go through a training session so that they can more effectively and most efficiently.

SiteGround have 24/7 live chat support, tickets and phone support. The availability of phone support makes it stand out from its competitor. one can easily access the support system of SiteGround because of these features.

The most effective way user contact the customer service is through live chat. Customer service of SiteGround is fast and quite efficient, the support reach out there clients within 24 hours and try t solve their issue as early as possible. The thing about SiteGround support team is that they are friendly and resolves most of the case on the first contact, their motive is their customer 100% satisfaction.

Free domain availability (additional feature)

when someone is building their website, one needs to buy a domain name by paying domain registered to a web hosting company. This thing adds little expenses to your investment. Getting a free domain can help by supporting those new entrepreneurs out there.

Hostinger provides the cheapest domain with WHOIS protection which helps you to remain anonymous while going online. One need to pay $5 a year to get this WHOIS protected domain which immensely helps if you consider protection from online threat as your priority.

SiteGround doesn’t provide free domain to there user. They only offer a discount on a domain for the first time buyer. One needs to pay a regular fee if they are considering buying a domain from SiteGround.

Benefits of Using Hostinger

  • They provide free domain name and two subdomains to their new buyers
  • Minimum plan buys one 20GB cloud storage
  • One can do WordPress hosting
  • Supports MySQL and PHP
  • Comes with platinum BitNinja DDOS protection
  • Provides 24/7 live chat support to its user
  • Business shared hosting gets one unlimited bandwidth
  • Comes in top web hosting top (according to Facebook Polls)
  • user can choose from any three different datacenters
  • have a track record of delivering 99.9% uptime (recorded for last 12 months)

Benefits of using SiteGround

  • SiteGround serves with the updated version of the latest PHP
  • In Hostinger vs Siteground analysis, speed test has shown that SIteGround will ensure more loading speed of a website.
  • Free Cloudflare from SiteGround cPanel
  • They provide free website migration service
  • Provides a track record of delivering 99.9% uptime
  • SG optimizer plugin which helps to boost the speed of a website
  • Comes with built-in security
  • provides unlimited emails
  • Have an efficient and knowledgeable support team and also comes with phone support which sometimes very helpful.

Things we didn’t like about Hostinger (Cons)

  • Low-speed hosting
  • Doesn’t provide much secure hosting
  • doesn’t come with cPanel
  • One has to create account to access the live chat support
  • In the base plan, there is limited bandwidth and only 20GB cloud storage

Things we didn’t like about SiteGround (Cons)

  • Price is relatively higher compared to its competitor like Bluehost
  • Comes with a high price for Renewal

Our Review on Hostinger

Hostinger doesn’t provide as many benefits like its competitor like daily backup, or the cPanel, or the SG optimizer. Still, they deserve to be in top 10 because of its attractive price. Most importantly, everything is not in vain; they give quite a fair competition in terms of there speed, customer support etc. they managed to remain at the top by providing free domain to their user.

These reasonable price service and website builder service helps a lot of entrepreneurs and website owners.

Our review on SiteGround

SiteGround has outrun many of the other web hosting companies by moving their base on the google cloud platform; this provides plenty of benefits to its user.

Furthermore, SiteGround super cache has the efficiency to boost the loading speed of any server. This two-point brings a great deal benefits to its user

They provide a lot of benefits to its user. Still, SiteGround doesn’t offer free domain t its user, and the monthly plan is also quite expensive than its competitor.

Alternative of Hostinger and SiteGround: Bluehost vs SiteGround vs Hostinger

There are many alternatives of Siteground and Hostinger available. In this specific section of the article, we are going to discuss some of the features in Bluehost.

If you’re looking for something subtle with some featured pack which comes at a reasonable price the Bluehost can also be considered in the list.

Bluehost was formed in 2003 within the period of two, it was recommended as the topmost hosting service provider for WordPress. It is one of the leading most brands in hosting web brand. Just like SiteGround, it provides a variety of services like VPS hosting, shared hosting or the WordPress hosting service.

They have plans at a reasonable amount, the fundamental goals of Bluehost start at $3.95/month. Compared to the earlier mentioned web hosting companies. The price of Bluehost is lower than SiteGround, but it is a bit costlier than Hostinger.

As we have already mentioned, Hostinger doesn’t come with cPanel, but Bluehost, as well as SiteGround, comes with standard cPanel.

For the entire three web hosting tool, there is a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

The thing which likes about Bluehost is security. Yeah, we did mention that both the web hosting to have some added feature which ensures the safety of an individual. Bluehost has various security features like Malware removal and detection, unlimited backups, domain privacy.

In short, all three web technology tool comes with different kind feature and at a diverse price range. We have listed some of the features of Bluehost. If someone wants to start a website which opts for lots of web space, otherwise both Hostinger and SiteGround is best in their way.

Frequently asked question

  1. Is Hostinger is better than SiteGround?

Ans: If we compare Hostinger vs SiteGround, SiteGrounds provides many features, unlike Hostinger. In a way, SiteGround is a better web hosting tool than SiteGround.

  1. Is SiteGround has faster loading speed than Hostinger?

Ans: Both the web hosting tool provides fast loading seed. But Hostinger is a bit slower as compared to SiteGround.

  1. What will be the best hosting choice for WordPress?

Ans:Top two choices for WordPress hosting companies:

  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround
  1. Does Hostinger provide free domain to its user?

Ans: Yes, they provide free domain to their users.

  1. Which is cheaper Hostinger or Siteground?

Ans: Hostinger is way cheaper than SiteGround. It doesn’t have enough budget for hosting a website one should sign up for Hostinger. 


In this article, we compared between Hostinger Vs SiteGround. SiteGrounds have different kinds of features which come in handy. But it might be too expensive for some people. On the other hand, Hostinger doesn’t come with many features. Still, Hostinger is suitable for people who are seeking for low budget hosting service.

So the ultimate verdict of Hostinger vs. Siteground is that if one has enough budget one should sign up SiteGround but if you’re looking for the best web hosting brand with a limited amount of budget then better to choose Hostinger.

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