Does Fiverr SEO services help in increasing YouTube watch hours?


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You might have just started a new YouTube channel, it could be for promoting your business, or just for showcasing your skills. There are many people who also start a YouTube channel to generate passive income from the views. A few of those “You tubers” head to sites such as Fiverr in search of people who will help them in SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization means optimizing one’s video, title, thumbnail and description to show up higher when searched for. But how valid is this? Does it even help? Does Fiverr SEO services help to increase YouTube watch hours?

Let’s find out!

But before we get into this. Let’s look at what Fiverr is.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online platform where freelancers offer their services. One can even call this as a marketplace for freelancers. It is a two-sided or a two-way platform where people are free to buy and sell services.

A service on this sit is known as a gig. The variety of gigs available in Fiverr is numerous. It ranges from small, one-off odd jobs to professional work.

How does Fiverr work?

As a buyer, you just have to search the keywords for what you want. The search engine in the website or app will show you gigs from multiple freelancers. You can go through their offer and the price. You can even see the reviews of people who have worked with them in the past.

How important is SEO for YouTube videos?

Before you go out and buy services from people to improve your YouTube SEO, you need to know how important they are.

You can say being rampant in the YouTube search engine would be as important as putting out videos there.

Ranking high on YouTube search engines is as important as ranking high in Search Engines for normal websites.

One can always go in and tweak their videos to do better in terms of SEO. But that not only demands a lot of time and effort, but also serious dedication to it.

In these types of situations, services and platforms like Fiverr come into play.

But the main question still lingers, does it even help in increasing the YouTube watch hours?

Does Fiverr SEO services help in increasing YouTube watch hours?

Well yes, but actually no.

As weird as this may sound, it is actually true. SEO is something that needs to be repeated multiple times. Each and every video has to be optimized for SEO.

For example, if you optimize only one of your videos for SEO and leave the rest alone. That single video may perform well, but that’s it. It won’t bring your YouTube channel into the limelight.

Similarly, there are many gigs which says that it’ll increase your followers, but all these followers will become dormant after a while. This in turn tells the Youtube algorithm that your channel is not interesting for people to watch. This can actually become lethal for your channel, and maybe even your dreams.

One more red flag is that most of the reviews for these gigs are quite generic, and sometimes highly repetitive too.

One might think of approaching these gigs every time they upload a video. Which makes absolute sense, theoretically. But practically, it wouldn’t be much of a help.

An expert would suggest you to find your own niche first, and optimize for that particular set of people. Having a good base is really important for a successful go on YouTube.

What should you do to increase the watch hours in YouTube:

For starters, there are a few things you can do which will be helpful for you to increase the watch hours. This will also aid you to strengthen your base.

  • Firstly, create good content that people will like to consume.
  • Second, use the tags that are related to your content
  • Having “closed captions” is also a plus point.
  • Upload content on a regular basis.
  • Interact with the comments.
  • Have a good thumbnail, but don’t make it fake.
  • Promote your channel on multiple platforms and to those who will benefit from it.

All this to be done, but more importantly be patient. Things take time, but the time you have spent for this would be definitely worth it.


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