Facebook Adds New Certificate Courses in Marketing Analytics and AR Creation


Facebook announced it is adding two new certificate courses in Marketing Analytics and AR Creation to its existing talent track offerings.  The addition of these courses comes at a time when the company has been implementing additional steps to encourage prospective candidates to pursue technical roles.  

A recent LinkedIn-commissioned study found that only 4% of millennials surveyed believe degrees in engineering and computer science are worth their cost, while 32 percent say they’re not worth it and 34 percent aren’t sure.

To address this issue, Facebook has implemented a number of programs aimed at helping students with non-traditional educational backgrounds enter into technology jobs – such as HackReactor, an immersive Bootcamp within Facebook’s HQ. Additionally, CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled “The Facebook Fellowship” – a new program for New York Public School 8th graders that will provide two years of full-time college tuition coverage to students who attend one of five targeted universities.

Students in the Marketing Analytics course will learn skills, best practices, and more about how to understand customer behavior to inform product development, marketing campaigns, and business operations at Facebook.  Topics include measuring advertising return on investment with attribution analysis; optimizing performance using A/B testing; understanding user behavior using cohort analysis; using forecasting models to make actionable recommendations, overcoming limitations when working with large data sets; and communicating results with stakeholders.  This course is taught by Anastasia Erbeznikova, Product Scientist Lead at Facebook.  

The AR Creation course is taught by David Nelson, Research Scientist at Facebook.  This entry-level hands-on course takes students through short lectures to present foundational concepts, then gets into practical projects that build up capabilities in the new AR studio within Power Editor.  The class will focus on understanding what makes great Augmented Reality experiences, gaining insight into how real people use these tools, and maximizing creative design freedom using built-in components.  By the end of the three weeks, students should be able to prototype their own AR experience for users on Facebook or Instagram.

As you can see from the above article, Facebook is doing what it can to push more people into technical fields that don’t require a Computer Science degree and help them better understand and appreciate technical roles at their company! However, it’s obviously not perfect and if we read through some of the comments on this articles page there are still those who would prefer college degrees over “Bootcamp” certs or those who apparently think Bootcamps are just easy enough for anyone to do

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