Free forum hosting with own domain


Think forum as an online help board where people flock to get information. Let’s say that you are having a particular problem in your car and you want someone to tell you how to solve it

As soon as you type the complication on the internet. The search engine will direct your problems to websites that have the answer. These websites are known as forums. It’s an online platform where proper help each other with obstacles and issues.

Before we dive into the main discussion of free forum hosting with own domain. Lets us first enlighten you on some of the significant mentions that will help you understand today’s discussion.   In this digital piece we are going to discuss:

  1.     What is forum hosting?
  2.     Why you need forum hosting?
  3.     5 best forum themes for WordPress
  4.     Benefits and demerits of forum hosting?
  5.     Parting tips of starting free forum hosting with own domain  

What is forum hosting?

You always wanted people who like the same thing as you. You wanted people that share the same thought process and you have.  This indicates that you always wanted to build a thriving community where like-minded people talk. For this, all you need to do is build a forum with a hosting provider. This is known as forum hosting.

Now to build a forum you will need a domain name. So if you are someone who is constantly thinking of do I need a domain for hosting? Then the answer is a resounding yes.

People who are troubled with the thought of do I need a domain for web hosting? are also asking the question can you host your own domain? Again the answer is resending yes.  In order to host your own domain, you need to follow three steps.

First, you need to register a domain name, and then you need to code your website and then finally point our IP address.  Let us explain this to you in detail so that you can get a clear understanding

  1. Registering a domain name  

Now there is a myth in the market, that domain name that ends with. Com is the only legit. In reality this not true. When you search on the internet, you will come across several websites that will help you get a domain name other than .com

2.Code your website

Now if you belong from a technical background, we would suggest that you do the coding of your website using PHP or JavaScript. If not, then let WordPress do the trick.

3.Point out your IP address

This means you need to get a static IP address that will directly point out to your machine.  Realize that your router is the medium of the computer and the internet that you accesses.

 Why you need forum hosting?

To be specific you need forum hosting since it is very resource-intensive. You need to understand that forum is a place where multiple users communicate and create content on daily basis.

So when multiple users use a forum then it would have a problem in opening in fast since the website is assessed by multiple users at one time. 

You will always see a message known as the website is under construction. A forum hosting will eliminate this issue as it will provide you with a   fast server.

5 best forum theme for WordPress?

One of the best platforms to create an online forum is known as WordPress. So it’s our duty to let you know about the five best forum themes for WordPress. These can be known as disputo, Olympus, Gwangi, buddy boss, and forum press. Let’s look at why there are loved by many users

  1. Disputo

Reason for popularity

  • Uses BB Press plug-in
  • Has its own set themes that are focused on building impeccable forum platforms
  • With the help of the add  manager feature, you can monetize your website
  1. Olympus

Reason for popularity

  • Guaranteed to keep you updated with modern forum look from time to time
  • A set of state of the art templates that you have not witnessed before
  • WP bakery page builder plug-in gives the freedom to customize your forum according to your convenience.
  1. Gwangi

Reason for popularity

  • Let’s you aim at your target audience
  • Gives you everything that you need to impress your audience
  • Gives the privilege to users in interacting with each other and respond to each others feedback
  1. Buddy boss

Reason for popularity 

  •  Gives you the privilege, of creating templates and functionality that will increase your social presence
  • Helps you monetize your website by  launching a membership suite
  1. Forum press

Reason for popularity 

  •  Makes sure that the forum becomes the main highlight of your website
  • Live search and quick setup guide helps users to navigate the forum with ease.

Benefits and Demerits of forum hosting 



  • An optimized server will be used 
  • Setting up the forum can be difficult if you are absolutely no technical background. Though most of the software installers will take of all the issue, still complications will aeries in running and operating the forum 
  • A dedicated team that will handle your technical issue 
  • Once your forum gains momentum, it will indicate that you will have a large client base. So that means technical issues will arise from time to time 

·  You will have the privilege to choose your own templates that will you get the target audience 

  • Forum the memes are also provided buy some hosting providers 
  • Multiple language support 


Prating tips 

From the above information, it is now clear why forum hosting is needed. So if you are someone who wants to do free forum hosting with your own domain, I hope this information has helped you a lot. Hence to conclude, free forum hosting with your own domain requires three things which are domain name, a good hosting provider, and a little technical knowledge 

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