Google for SEO or YouTube for SEO: Read this guide to know first


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Even today, it is immensely hard to answer the question- which is better over other- YouTube or Google?, and the highly debated question is still unanswered. Many websites have made a great attempt to resolve the query but the efforts were in vain. 

But I will try to project some strategy to reach a probable conclusion over the same debating question by discussing selected parameters such as merits and demerits of Google as well as YouTube, and I will also discuss the demography of both the platforms. So, here we go.

Demography for Google

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that Google is a magnificent search engine and has achieved success in securing the biggest rank among all. No one can avoid using Google and therefore it has become the demand of countless people and definitely, you are one of them. 

Let me share some demographic characteristics of Google with you all for example, after each second the number of searches being made on Google increases by 50000 and after reading this fact, they have even grown 100000 above. 

In the case of the entire year, the statistics reached up to hundreds of millions and most probably the number which we can even not think of. No one can avoid using Google for either resolving the queries or getting educated day by day and this is the major reason why Google is the most secure choice of the billions among other search engines that are created to date.

Demography for YouTube

Now coming on to YouTube, it has secured the second-largest position among the search engines towards which millions of people getting attracted as well as benefited day by day. 

YouTube has secured the second rank beating out Yahoo and Bing search engines and there are undoubtedly few mesmerizing facts that disclose the efficiency of YouTube. 

Till today’s date, if we count the total number of people who have either created an account or using YouTube are even more than 13 billion and it is not a matter of surprise that it has secured the rank after Google. 

It is also witnessed that after each day there is an increment of 30 million people regarding the usage and after every month, the number of video content hours reaches 325 billion which is watched by millions of people. 

I can give you the average statistics of the videos being watched on electronic devices every day and that is approximate up to 1 billion videos. 

Also, you should know that after every minute there is an increment of 300 hours of the video uploading session to the YouTube platform. So, there is no point in avoiding this platform which is great and easy to get worked on.

The superiority of Google in the SEO

For a particular user, there are numerous parameters associated with Google that is attracting millions of visitors every day. It would be difficult to compile all the advantages in just one blog and I would need the other to cover the rest. 

Google is superior since it offers the free and magnificent platform of SEO and you can go ahead with hiring someone good at working with SEO for absolutely no cost. 

The people who are constantly engaged in managing the websites are just SEO for the better development of websites. We need not worry about paying any price for purchasing any complicated program on this platform and all kinds of tasks get over with the help of this dashboard. 

The next merit is that we can get the easiest mode on Google to attract the maximum amount of traffic to a website and if you are one of the owners of a website and you know the importance of traffic to be gathered.

Demerits of Google in SEO

There are some demerits as well. It’s a matter of patience and time to accomplish good results and success on Google. We need to invest our good amount of time and put on our best efforts to secure a good position on the Google platform. Every time We need to update ourselves and make certain modifications to increase our website’s ranking and gather positive results. 

There is no guarantee for success even after you are judicious to using SEO for running your business. The reason is that you have to devote time to the realization of the changes that need to be made now and then. And even after securing a good result, there is no guarantee of successful implementation of the work even with the help of an efficient process.

The superiority of YouTube in SEO

If you come on to YouTube and start discussing the merits associated with it, the foremost point discloses the fact that we don’t have to worry about SEO since working on YouTube assembler and whatever you want to create for your channel just you need to be precise with the content and the quality of the videos. 

You should be crystal clear about the title of the channel and what are you going to describe it. You should be smart enough to disclose the key findings from a channel and try to maintain the quality even after years. 


You don’t have to worry about the fierce competition as is it witnessed on Google and that becomes the second merit of using YouTube as a social media platform. One of the merits that are not included in Google is that if you get success in releasing a video that can gather a good number of views, then and it will get displayed on the first page of YouTube as a part of the trending section and that is how your video can be a great buzz in a small time.

Demerits of YouTube in SEO

Every coin has two sides and so is YouTube that carries some cons too. It illustrates that we cannot avoid advertisements and deliberately some of the other advertisements will get placed on your video channel that sometimes becomes frustrating while marketing your own business or website. 

We can only work for making the videos viral on YouTube and the diversity of content such as blogs and articles cannot be smartly handled and made trendy over it. Sometimes people use Google since it sounds better for the usage of traditional SEO rather than investing a great amount of time in editing and making the videos.

Final verdict

Now you would be thinking about which platform is better over the other. You just have to keep in mind a few points that Google is the best choice for gathering quality traffic. Google is one of the ranking websites and you should have the capability of outsourcing the information in the best way which involves some complicated efforts what is not an impossible ideal. 

Google can help you in getting the best way for making the assembly of the parts of a personal computer at a very fast result can efficiently resolve your query. 

If you put the same query on YouTube, they will showcase the most popular video where is it doesn’t need to be always helpful. 

On the whole, I suggest you go ahead with the usage of both platforms prioritizing your choices and desires. You can be one of the successful websites to excel in properly utilizing the semantics of both the stupendous platforms for SEO.

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