How a video game kitty is helping real cats find homes


New York

The digital cat hero from the brand new online game sensation “Stray” doesn’t simply wind alongside rusted pipes, leap over unidentified sludge, and decode clues in a seemingly deserted metropolis. The daring orange tabby helps actual world cats as nicely.

Thanks to Online fundraising platforms, players are enjoying “Stray” whereas streaming stay for audiences to boost Money for animal shelters and different cat-related charities. Annapurna Interactive, the sport’s writer, additionally promoted “Stray” by providing two cat rescue and adoption companies copies of the sport to raffle off and renting out a New York cat cafe.

Livestreaming sport play for charity isn’t new, however the resonance “Stray” rapidly discovered from cat lovers is uncommon. It was the fourth most watched and broadcast sport on the day it launched on Twitch, the streaming platform mentioned.

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