How to deal with digital marketer or freelancer professionally


A digital marketer plays an essential role in professionally marketing one’s product. Now this product can be anything and everything, ranging from just a website that talks about a particular niche to a huge MNC. The digital marketer formulates plans and implements it for optimum results. Now, the plans are dependent upon what you want or what you are looking for from a marketer.

To have a good conversation and communicating your needs specifically would be the best way. The best way to not only save time but also efforts in doing things not of high necessity to reach your goals. A good medium of conversation between the client and the freelancer/business is really important here.

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Ideally in this conversation the client (you, in this case) should mention a few things. First, your wants or needs, that is what is your primary objective that you want to achieve through marketing. Second, the time frame in which you want to achieve the objective, because timing is really important. Third, how much money are you willing to spend for the same also known as the price you are willing to pay. It is a well known fact that to get something good, you need to spend a good amount of money too. Lastly, the medium(s) through which you want to market your product.

You should know that the points mentioned above are surface level and don’t talk about everything that you should do. Even though this is not in-depth they are something you should definitely keep in mind while talking to a digital marketer/freelancer.

Now let’s talk about a particular scenario. About what are the details of your website that you have to give to your digital marketer for doing SEO.

What are the details of your website that you have to give to your digital marketer for doing SEO?

It is almost always a difficult thing to strike the right chords with a new person about something only you know about. And here, the same is the case with your website and the person is the digital marketer.

(You can hire a freelancer or a big corporation to do your digital marketing. But for the sake of simplicity and easy understandability, I shall refer to either as a digital marketer)

Before we get ahead you should know that a digital marketer might or might not know well about you and/or your product/corporation. So, communicating to them the motive, and about the business/website in-depth is a good place to start from.

This is because once the marketer understands what they are working with, it becomes easier for them with digital marketing. You should be transparent with them regarding your products and/or services that you render to your own clients as a business.

That being said let us focus on a few technical aspects of your website that you should ideally share with your digital marketer. This if done well, acts as a medium to keep your business afloat on the internet. Not only saving you time(which is potentially and technically money at this day and age). But also helps you focus on other aspects of your business where you might need an improvement.

What details should you share regarding your website to a digital marketer?

  1. The Control Panel of your Web Host Manager is one of the first few things you should give the digital marketeer access to. A part of digital marketing involves knowing in-depth about the particular site and making tweaks to it. These minor looking tweaks can affect the performance of the website by a significant margin.

CPanel is one of the most used control panels for your website. Probably the host through which you made your website uses the same panel. But you should know that each and every host is different and you should know what your host is using. The control panel is an integral part of every website and thus Search Engine Optimization (SEO) too.

  1. Access to your host should be on the top of your priority list. This is because the marketer needs access to your host to make changes to your website. This directly and indirectly affects the SEO and SERP of your website or web pages.
  2. Google Analytics is another key element which should give access to your digital marketer. This needs to be done so that your digital marketer can understand the all-round scenario of your website. This helps them to formulate better plans to work with.

Additional Tips :

In addition to the above mentioned details, giving your digital marketer the access to a list of your competitors, both direct and indirect. This is considered essential because an aspect of digital marketing revolves around what or against whom we need to market.

If these are done well, then you can expect a cordial and smooth flow of work not only for you but also for your marketer. Meaning, better effective and efficient outputs.

  1. Don’t forget to change the passwords to all the accounts you have given to them to protect yourself from future mishaps.

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