Importance of Social Media And Digital Marketing Service With Right Strategy.


To success in any business, there is one rule to play safe. And that is demand and supply.

If demand is higher, then product will sale. 

What is our primary needs today…?

I don’t think it limited to Food, Cloth, shelter, health and education only.

Today everybody need a social media profile. Not for fun only. They need a better way to communicate to their clients as well.

Let’s not waste time to explain growth statics of social media. It’s way higher.

But few prospects need to understand.

  1. Everybody want millions of subscriber, follower or user but everybody not able to execute it with in time frame.
  2. Because, the competition is high; that’s why, the need of professional comes into play.
  3. Everybody knows daily quality post will bring success but everybody is not able to create quality post every day.

If somebody working full time to run their business, then they can’t maintain 7-8 profile daily . So Literally everybody needs professional service but they don’t know who can help him/her. They know they need consistency.

Now the Main Point to consider. If your client is earning by your help they will not leave you.

Nb: If you don’t know how to make money from social media then let’s take a look.

Just imagine if you have your own shopping mall. And every day thousands of people are visiting then will you worry what to sale?

Of Couse you need some strategy but you will not worry when you have place where every day thousands of people Visits.

A social media like your shopping mall, where daily thousands of people visiting.

You may ask… hey Neel, I have a Facebook profile where 200 peoples like my post. I have thousand followers but I don’t make single money.

Well, what if you have one million followers, will you still think some of millions will not be interested in your product? When numbers go up… possibilities go up.

And fund fact is… in your shopping mall you can’t bring one million people at a time. But in you Digital shopping mall which is your profile, it is possible.

Another reason you are not making money even if you have thousands follower because may be your product perform better in Instagram or in LinkedIn or in Reddit etc.

Finally, maybe you are not doing it right way as well… those who are doing it they know how to do it. Hiring a professional will be a wise decision if you are not making money.

Okey… let’s take a look another way to understand few prospect of digital marketing.

When you have one million followers, how can you show your product professionally, where your traffic will land on to see our showcase?

Don’t you think everybody need a proper professional website?

Please calculate / imagine by your won what will happen after 2023? How many business or a shop owner will need a website?

Do you think anybody will have left behind?

No matter what, every business will have to operate fully or some of its aspects online. 

Now you able to understand what is the demand of all those services.

Thus, Digital marketing service will boom like hell. 

Don’t you Believe me? Then bring out your yellow page or search business directory online. Make just 100 calls as digital marketing service provider. (minimum 100 at least.)

Now calculate the ratio of agreeing to buy your services. (If you have right strategy then)

Which services comes under digital marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Website Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Outreach
  • Lead generation.
  • Re-targeting
  • Content Generation and Optimization
  • Quality Link Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Integrated Online Marketing Strategies.

Overall every services which helps to you to make sales digitally.

I am responsible to Provide authentic service like any kind of content creation.

  • Content Writing Service.
  • Graphic designing service for any platform.
  • Social media Content creation service.
  • Social media Management service.
  • Full stack Web Development service. 
  • WordPress web designing service. 
  • Social media paid promotions service.
  • Search engine advertisement service.
  • Search engine optimization service.
  • Marketing Strategy building.
  • Competitor Analytics
  • Branding Strategy/ Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social media Management.
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ad
  • Instagram Ads
  • Project Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead generation.
  • Social media optimization and profile management.

Now take brief how to generate sales.

There is two-way approach to get clients and as well as brand awareness.

  1. We will approach our service to client.
  2. Client will ask for your service.

Now let’s take a look what those approaches actually means.

First we will approach our service to toward client via organic and as well as paid method.

  1. Organic: in this way we will ….
  2. Scrape data via linked in and business directory, will make an email funnel to worm up.
  3. Another way is by direct call for that Data scraping method also can be performed via LinkedIn, Business Directory, Facebook Page and Fb market place.
  4. Need to research and make presentation with graphics or Videos by the help of Marketing team and Graphics team.
  5. Need to create content so that SEO strategies can be apply and in long run we will get organic traffic as well. Which will also help building brands.
  • Paid method: Those who landed on our service page we will retarget them because later might be interested in your service and its conversion rate actually better then direct targeting. If budget is higher, then direct advertisement in social media and search engine will be very much helpful cause it will reduce the span of time to reach the goal.

Next simultaneously, we need to focus on your brand building so that client will reach to us and ask for our service because of brand value.

For that…

  1. Research and marketing team will research keyword and niche to target.
  2. Graphic team will create assets.
  3. Content writer will write content.
  4. And social media manager will manage all platform like LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora and Youtube.
  5. Also paid method for brand awareness, engagement, conversion and lead generation. Sales campaign also can be done if we have business model little like Envato Element.

This is very much helpful because we can use our resource maximum. Our team will help us to build our brand, social media post, research, website development etc.

IF you have paid budget then we need to decide that but… we don’t actually need any budget to run this business. The team we hired they are sufficient to build this business. Little good strategy and consistency is needed. And this is most important.

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