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The soul of Search Engine is around the keywords that you use. Gathering data on your Search Engine Result Page’s rankings is one of the most essential metrics for measuring your SEO strategy. A simple seeming task is to do Keyword Position Checking. Being data driven and having good content is a part of the story. Having the keywords right is important.

keyword position checker

But, let us start with,

What is a keyword?

Focus keyword, or keyword as it is called is a word or a set of words which describe your content the best. These are the targeted search terms.

What do you mean by targeted search terms you ask?

Well, targeted search terms are nothing but what people shall search in their respective search engine. And the search engine gives out the results of pages/sites containing the specific search term. Alternatively known as “keywords”.

You can know more and in depth about keywords from this article.


Why are keywords important?

There are multiple reasons for this. But to simplify things, in a gist “keywords” is the thread of communication between the search engine, the probable visitor and your web page.

The common connection “keyword” helps you rank in the Search Engine Results Page. And the higher you rank on that page the higher are the chances that people will come visit your page.

But Search Engines aren’t the only reason why key phrases are important. Actually, it is less important, because you should always focus on the user: on your visitors and potential clients.

How to know how well you are using keywords?

Given that you now know how important keywords and key phrases are. The next question lingering in your mind is regarding how well are you using it. There are multiple ways to check it out.

The manual way would be to enter the specific keywords which you think the potential visitors might be typing. And then look for yourself how well you rank on the Search Engine Results Page. This is not only a tedious task that requires a lot of time. It demands that tonnes of efforts are to be put into this.

“Are there any other alternatives?” you might be asking.

Wait, alright. I hear you. It is understandable that in this day and age time is money. You might not be willing to spend a lot of your time checking how well your page ranks. You are lucky that there are good coders out there who have put out software such as the Keyword Position Checker. Software like these does your job in seconds, which otherwise might have even taken hours.

What is a Keyword Position Checker?

Keyword Position checker is nothing but a software that tells you how well you rank in the SERP for a particular keyword. If you rank high that is well and good. If your ranking is not up to the mark or to the level you expected it to be. You can change your content in order to rank higher for that particular key phrase.

There are a bunch of varieties of Keyword Position Checkers out there. All ranging from free to some with subscriptions costing around $14.99 per month. Naturally the next question arises.



Which Keyword Position Checker to use?

Amongst the tonnes of Keyword Position Checking software out there. There are a few which are wonderful. Really good in the sense that you do not have to log in or sign up. Neither do you have to enter you credit card details. One such is Free Keyword Position Checker by Free SEO Tools Portal.

All you gotta do is enter the data or information regarding the web page’s ranking you want to check. Make sure that you enter the data correctly in the assigned box. You can go ahead click on the blue submit button.

You shall then be presented with the data you need. Go ahead, compare, make changes if necessary and rank higher!

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