5 must-have themes for the forum website


These incredible 5 forum themes would attract a lot of audience to your website 

Searching for the best themes for your forum website? we have the answer right here

We are here to discuss the 5 must-have themes for the forum website.  Before we advance into the topic, you need to have a good undertaking of ThemeForest.  Theme Forest is a digital platform that sells impeccable WordPress themes.

See when you decide that you need WordPress for creating the website, the next question in mind would be what would be a good theme for your website?  Selecting a good theme would attract a lot of audiences, as theme acts as the interior designing of the website

Let look at some of the best themes offered by theme Forest to WordPress

1. Bridge

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The more we appreciate this theme, the less it will be. This is theme is trusted by more than 200k + customers.  This indicates that more than 200k people are using this theme to present this website.  Now you must be wondering, why this theme is so popular? Let us answer that.

The theme is appreciated by business owners since it allows them to run multiple websites. For instance, a businessman or entrepreneur can run websites in different niches.

The individuals can have multiple business websites and other websites that deal in other niches like meditation, personal developments, and so on.  This is where Bridge enters and eliminates and provides a theme that is suitable for any niche website

In addition, the theme supports the most used page builders like WP bakery page and elementary. When you will use this plug-in you will have the facility to enjoy premium plug-in and features that are must-have to increase the visibility of your website.

Summarising the reasons to choose the theme from the above information 

  •  Trusted by a lot of business owners who operate multiple websites 
  • Increased visibility
  • Supports  most used page builders 
  1. Avada

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This Theme Forest theme is loved by more than 630k users.  Now must be thinking about what is so special about these that is trusted more than the Bride theme that is presented above.  

Well, the answer lies in singularity customization. See in the bridge, the theme powers multiple websites. In the case of Avada, you can power multiple websites, and along with it, you have individual customization for each page.

For instance let’s say that you have a website that has various sections known as about us, product services, and so on. Now you are someone that doesn’t want to put a constant theme across all the pages.

So what do you do in that case? You take the help of Avada and customize according to your convenience According to us, one of the greatest highlights of this theme comes in the from theme builder is known as Avada theme builder. This lets customers customize various design elements without having any knowledge of coding.

Summarising the need to choose the theme from the above information 

  • Has ist own theme builder 
  • Can customize every page of the website 
  • Trusted by more than 600 k users 
  1. X Theme

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Name a theme that has sold more than 10000 + copies and lets you create your website how every you may like it? Yes we are talking of the brilliant theme offered by Theme Forest known as X 

A theme can be considered reliable if it offers different design elements, X offers just that. Currently, the theme has four design elements known as review, icon, ethos, and integrity

People have been highly appreciative of the theme because of its two features, which are known as the visual composer and the cornerstone front edge builder.  Now if you are a search engine specialist and want to start a website, then X would be a perfect fit since the theme Is search engine optimized and has a clean code

Summarising the need to choose the theme from the above information 

  • Comes with great features like front edge builder and visual composer 
  • Comes with different elements of design 
  • Helps create your dream website 
  1. The 7 theme

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Claims itself as the most customizable theme in the online market.  When researched why it claims so, we came across a certain point that really makes it one of the best in the market.

First, it has to be its responsiveness and the multipurpose features that are available.  The theme has 25 demo sites, the content on these demo sites can be installed on your website with help of a click from a design wizard

Summarising the need to choose the theme from the above information 

  • Presence of 25 demo sites 
  • The content present in the themes can be download with the help of one design wizard 
  • Presence of responsive and multipurpose features 
  1. Enfold theme

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Known for its extreme usability and multipurpose features, this theme is one of a kind.  The main highlight of this theme is the drag and drop feature.  

See there is some website which looks incredible on mobile phones, but as soon you view them you’re on larger devices it looks very boring.  The drag and drop feature makes websites look great on every device that you view on 

Summarising the need to choose the theme from the above information 

  • Presence of 31psd files and integrated form builder 
  • Compatible with event calendars and Woo-commerce booking 
  • Provides support for more than 20 languages 

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