Neil Patel’s UberSuggest Tool Review


UberSuggest Keyword Research tool is founded by Famous Digital Marketer Neil Patel. It is a Keyword research tool. Now It has Browser extension also

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What is Ubersuggest used for?

UberSuggest can be used to create some of the more popular search engine optimization (SEO) tools you can find today including keyword suggestions, autocomplete, but also for a bunch of other neat things.

How to do Keyword Research by Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool?

Suppose that you are about to launch a website about how to quit smoking.

First step is to go to uberSUGGEST, and type in the keyword that you want to research.

Then click on the button that says “SEARCH”.

The next step is to enter a new keyword.

And Click on the button that says “Add Keyword”.

You will notice that ubersuggest starts to autocomplete your keyword, here you can copy your Keyword and paste it into google keyword planner or SEMrush.

You can copy all the keywords, and add them into the search box, and you can run your own keyword competition research.

It is totally FREE with limited use, paid version gives you unlimited keywords. No need to download any software, no need to update anything, no need to sign up.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research tool is the perfect keyword research tool if you are a beginner in SEO , as you can get insight in Long Tail Keywords and phrases.

How accurate is UberSuggest Tool data?

No keyword research tool can be 100% accurate because Keyword research is based on the data Google has. Google certainly cannot know how many times the same person searched a keyword. It also can’t know how many times the same person searched a keyword but didn’t convert on that site.

As mentioned above UberSuggest Keyword Research tool has an extension tool, which means that its data source is Google Keywords Planner. UberSuggest Tool collects the Google Keyword Planner Suggested Long Tail Keywords and try to get the data for it.

It also gives you access to some other similar data sources if you want to take that into account.

What is an Extension Tool?

Extension is a web browser add-on that runs when you are on a website and displays content on your computer screen that is customized based on the website you are viewing.

Using Ubersuggest for Lead Generation

UberSuggest Keyword Research tool is a great lead generation tool, as you can generate unlimited amount of leads and create your own autocomplete to show your potential customers the exact information they are looking for.

One of the most famous digital marketing company Neil Patel shows an example of using UberSuggest to generate a huge number of leads. Overall as per price comparison it now bad at all. If you have limited budget then you can try one. But just don’t expect $10 product can give as $100 Product’s result.

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