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You might be a blogger or might be someone who hosts a website. You would have definitely stumbled upon robots.txt after being around in the scene of Search Engine Optimization. But again there are high chances that you would have skipped it because of how complex it looks. Today that difficulty would be reduced to help you out. In addition to you improving your SEO scores with the help of Robots.txt Generator.

Let us start with the basics first.

What is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a file that contains instructions on how to crawl a website. The robots.txt file is part of the robots’ exclusion protocol (REP). This is a group of standards for how robots crawl the internet to find relevant content for users.

A complete Robots.txt file contains “User-agent,” and below it, you can write other directives like “Allow,” “Disallow,” “Crawl-Delay” etc.

In case it is written manually there are high chances that it will take a lot of time. And you can enter multiple lines of command in one file.

What’s the purpose of directives in robots.txt?

  1. Allowing– Allowing directive is used to enable indexation of the following URL. There is no limit as such to how many URLs you can allow. Still, only use the robots file if your site has pages that you don’t want to get indexed.
  2. Disallowing-As the name suggests this directive refuses the crawlers from visiting the mentioned URL or site. And stops the crawlers from indexing it. These directories, however, are accessed by other bots who need to check for malware because they don’t cooperate with the standard.
  3. Crawl Delay-This directive is mainly used to stop your server from overloading because of too many requests. This kind of overloading of servers can create a negative impact in the eyes of the crawlers. Leading to negative points in ranking.

Why is robots.txt useful?

The first file search engine bots look at is the robots.txt file. If it is not found, then there is a massive chance that crawlers won’t index all the pages of your site.

What this means is that Search Engines like Google and DuckDuckGo make use of robots. What these robots do is scrounge through the World Wide Web.

This is done in order to see which web pages and sites are the most suitable for a particular keyword. And the pages or sites that these crawlers deem the best are ranked higher in the SERP. (SERP-Search Engine Results Page)

In short, robots.txt help you rank higher and better in the Search Engine Results Page.

Naturally the next question that arises is if you do not want to spend a lot of time manually doing it. And still you want to make use of it, you can use robots.txt generators.

Visit this site to know about how and why is robots.txt useful in SEO.

What is a robots.txt generator?

The robots.txt file generator helps create a text file which guides the search engine robots. It tells those robots regarding which pages on your site to crawl and which to ignore.

It automatically generates text for you which you can insert in the files so that Search Engines can start making use of it.

Robots.txt Generator l SEO Ninja Softwares | Free

Which robots.txt generator to make use of?

The number of “free” and paid robots.txt generators on the internet can overwhelm a lot of people. Confusing the people is one of the key ways by which they affect you. But fear not, there is a valid, good and free recommendation for you.

Robots.txt generator by Free SEO Tools Portal is a banger of a software. All you gotta do is to enter the necessary details in the specified boxes. And then you can just create the robots.txt or create and save them.

The better part you see is that this is absolutely free. Neither do you have to sign-up nor do you have to enter your credit card details. Just plain, old simple get your work done in a perfectly kind of software.


Now you know how important robots.txt is and how you can leverage the same better. So go ahead and make use of the resources in your hands to make the best of it!

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