What Is Seo Copywriting?

What Is SEO Copywriting understand in depth

SEO copywriting has three main purposes:

  1. Increase your visibility in Google search results most relevant to your target audience;
  2. Make more people to visit your landing pages (in the end will be converted into customers);
  3. Convert the views that you have received into qualified leads and sales.

Now, imagine that you are the owner of a website or an e-commerce store.

You want to increase your visibility in search results by increasing the amount of traffic that will visit your site directly from Google’s search results pages. In this case, you will need to optimize SEO copywriting. But, what is SEO copywriting exactly?

SEo Copywriting Basics and Benefits according to the experts

The basic idea of SEO online marketing is to make search engine bots index your website content by improving its visibility. That is, when you attract more visitors through Google search results, your site is given a higher ranking in the search engine. Conversely, when you do not have special attention to SEO you can get lower rankings and loss of visitors. This is why it is essential to learn SEO copywriting basics if you want to develop strategically a website or an e-commerce store to get more customers and sales.

Understanding the SEO basics will enable you to understand how to attract web traffic through search engines. It will also help you to understand what are the most important factors that determine how your site is shown in Google listings, and why it appears at a certain position for particular search queries.

Although there are many factors involved in the rankings, well-written SEO copywriting is a fundamental element for your website to achieve better positions in search engine results. It is like a marketing tool that affects positively on your business strategies and can bring you more quality leads and sales.

The main idea, then, is to use the principles of SEO copywriting to attract and transform new visitors into sales leads. You can do so by improving your communication with prospects and customers through a well-defined call-to-action (CTA) strategy.

Your content needs to be structured in a way that is clear and simple for users to follow. The content must also be well-organized, has to be meaningful, and it should use the best keywords in titles and meta descriptions.

Quick Tips: eMarketer reveals that 82% of B2C firms invested on SEO, PPC or social ads as the main strategic marketing options to promote their products and services online. So, learn how SEO copywriting basics influence the search engine results page (SERP) for your target customers and audiences.

how to learn more about SEO copywriting?

To discover how you can become a professional writer, be sure to take a look at this great course on Udemy: SEO Copywriting that works by Sofia Chiaradia, an effective copywriter and digital marketer. Here’s her teaching style:

“So, let’s start with the basics of SEO copywriting.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

– What is SEO copy? How to identify high-quality and low-quality SEO articles.

  • Based on what criteria should you choose a content marketing agency?
  • What are the different types of SEO copy?
  • How can you use storytelling in your campaigns?
  • What are different ways to find inspiration for SEO articles you want to write?

All these points I will introduce talking about my experience as a professional writer of digital marketing materials, and give you some advices on how to write great copy for your articles and blogs.

Now, let’s talk about the Copywriting basics:

What is SEO copy? Eight steps to write your next 10 high quality articles!

SEO Copywriting, also called content marketing, has always innovative and complex. There are several factors that you need to consider when writing content for the purpose of digital marketing. Those already know this field, know very well the importance of having a well-written SEO copy, and you likely are experienced in this type of writing.

However, there are still those who are looking for a reliable way to learn how to write high-quality blogs and articles search engines can easily identify.

To do so, it is essential to follow several steps before writing and publishing SEO copy. These are guidelines that will help you develop a solid search engine marketing strategy in your business:

1 – Do your market research and analyze the competition.

2 – identify keywords, topics, questions and subject matter relevant for your target audience that will be your primary audience and the target market for your business brand.

3 – Plan your editorial calendar and brainstorm keyword ideas.

4 – find an appropriate voice, tone, style and format (for example tips) to support the content of your SEO copywriting campaign.

5 – identify the basic elements of SEO copywriting: text, images and infographics.

6 – create a publishing calendar based on topics/anchor texts and the keyword mapping strategy.

7 – Use tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Buzzsumo to find ideas for content marketing campaigns.

8 – Convert your SEO articles into social media ready content. Better than copy to work with a social media plan.

Now that you already know this, it is time to start writing. Be sure also watch the next video which will give you ideas and tips on how to write great articles for SEO.

Now you have a few information about what is SEO copywriting, and some tips on how to choose the right content for your blogs and articles to be published online.

If you follow these steps, do not forget: always make sure that new users find what they are looking for online, get to the content that is relevant for them as potential customers and convert them into sales leads.

Writing and creating SEO copywriting is a hard work but you will see the results after months if you follow these simple steps.”

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