What Is SEO Schema and how to get benefit from the process

What is SEO Schema ? .

SEO Schema is an Aid to the Search Engine. It mainly points out the important information regarding your website. These rules are provided by Google to provide information about what you should include in your web page for better visibility in the SERP.

For example, if a particular Web page contains SEO information such as the keywords, Meta description and Meta tags etc., then it will appear at top of the Search Results Page. So by this we can get higher traffic for our Website.

Detail understanding about Schema

SEO means Search engine optimization which will help you to get a good ranking by attracting much more browses on your website, because of this people who want to find specific information like keywords and content they are looking for came visit your site and you will get their trust, this friendly of your site was make your website popular among known people on line and search engine bots. So that’s why people gets more traffic from search engine and we also get more buyers with affiliate marketing.

SEO Schema is not another way to get a good ranking on search engine, it is just an XML file which will help you to deliver your content to the world and also Google will understand what contents are on your Web page, how much detailed info are on your site.

SEO Schema use for example having a restaurant web site and want to rank on key word search such as “restaurant,” “best restaurant” or “American restaurant.” Now, here is a work for you.

  1. Visit Google suggest webpage and find as many words related to your site topic as possible
  2. Compile the keyword phrase that comes up in your head
  3. Find those searches in Google Webmaster Tools (MWT)
  4. Look at their search query, write down each key word phrase one by one
  5. Now create an XML file and put them all over again 6) Make sure the structure is right

Having a restaurant website you want to rank on keywords like “restaurant” and “American restaurant.” Now, to use this schema, find the keyword in Google Webmaster Tools (MWT) and look for each key word phrase on best display page. Write them down one by one. For example, you want to rank for American restaurant so your main keyword will be “Restaurant” to be followed by “American” then put that in an XML file and find appropriate place on your page where you should put schema tag. It could be the top of the page or along with title, it doesn’t matter. When you have finish Creating XML File, Now copy it into your website’s homepage then save page.

How to get benefit from SEO Schema ? .

To get the benefit of SEO Schema, you should follow some rules as suggested by Google. These rules for a web page are divided in two parts by Google. They are Simple Setup and Hooks . For understanding of this, we have provided links of these rules in the right side of this article.

Follow these Rules and you will get benefit to your website from Search Engines. These rules are very important that Google uses for indexing your website content by search engine bots. The more SEO information you present with your html code, the better search visibility you get. If the Search engine can’t find it then your website pages fails to appear in the relevant result page.

There are a number of Free online tools you can use to do this automate these rules by just simply copy and paste your html code on the associated field provided in these online tools. This will automatically add all SEO information into your code. You can repeat it for your website pages one by one.

Does search engine like Schema

According to Google, All-In-One SEO by Yoast is the best WordPress plugin. It has fulfilled all the latest standards of search engines for a Web page. The good thing about it is that it has provided you with various interface options to design the information type as per your requirement and also you can add it to your entire website in a automated way by just posting it on the interface.

Here is the full guide of Yoast All-In-One SEO plugin. This guide will help you in implementing all relevant SEO information with just one click. So follow this guide carefully and install this plugin on your Website. This will convert your website to a SEO friendly which will make your website visible in the Search Engine result pages.

Benefits of this Plugin are : –

1) Automatic Meta Tags 2) Automatic Canonical 3) Automated Post Format 4) Auxiliary post elements 5) Breadcrumbs 6) No 404 errors 7) Open Graph 8) Search Analytics 9) Robots.txt

You can use it on your desktop PC by downloading the latest version of Yoast All-In-One SEO WordPress plugin here :

Download Yoast All-In-One SEO WordPress Plugin Now

How to use schema with RankMath

RankMath is a good software to use in addition of read RankMath Review. With the help of this software you can check on which page where there is more possibility on getting more traffic from SEO promotion. Especially for your money page and make changes according to RankMath analysis results with an ease without touching any lines of code.

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