The Only One Best Seo Software For Mac?

When some body use Mac, he don’t want any second class or Third class software. Mac Users always use Elegant things with best service.

They need a software which perform best with accurate  results. Thus the only SEO software can be recommend and that is SemRush.

Why Mac User should use Semrush?

SemRush is a powerful Rank tracking and SEO software. It provide many features such as:

  • Keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Brand Monitoring, Audience Research and Internet Research Tool
  • Backlink Analysis For website’s own and competitor’s backlinks.

Key feature of Semrush for Mac User

Keyword tracking is the best thing I love of Semrush. I could quickly keywords of any website that is in my competitor list. If there are the results show up, it means that website is not covered much in terms of SEO. But if there are no results show up it means search engine recognized that website and there’s no back link advantage. The user experience with SemRush is just Awesome. And SemRush is a market leader also at its own segment.


Best features of SemRush Keyword tool.

  • While using the tool you will get Keyword suggestions in the Plan Pane.
  • While using the tool you will get all possible related terms for the particular keyword of the website in the Suggestion Box.
  • There are two lists of keywords one is low competition list and other is high competition list. The Low competition keywords are for long and High competition keywords are for short term.
  • You can get the related search terms in the detail section of the tool.
  • While using the tool you will find various parameters such as Traffic Estimate, Cost per click, Domain Strength, Indexed pages, Backlinks and much more without leaving the interface.
  • You can access the Keyword in Google Trends with one click.
  • In the Top SEO Report you can understand the strength of your competitors.
  • In Keyword Magic Tool Number 3 you will get the best keywords to be entered in the Google search.
  • In Keyword Magic Tool Number 1, 2 and 3 you can find the data with a single click.
  • You will get Rank data for your competitor’s websites in one go.
  • SemRush API will let you build powerful apps or integrations using set of SEO tools. For example FTP, Chrome Plugin, WordPress Plugin or any other App.

Keywords Suggestion Tool No#1 – KWFinder

KWFinder is a very useful keyword tool in SemRush. You can find the related topics and terms with this tool as well. The tool shows the strength of the keyword.

You can find real time ranking of the keyword in SEMrush with one click.

Keyword Research Tools for Paid Keyword Advisor

There are three tools for Paid Keyword Research in SEMrush.

  1. Historical Data for Paid Keyword Research with SEMrush
  2. AdWords Keyword Difficulty Tool – SEMrush tool will show you the difficulty level of the keyword you are entering in the tool.
  3. The Audience and Demographics Report – You can find how many people are searching for the keyword and in which region, age group and with whom.

I am also looking for my own website to check the keywords it is eligible to provide content. I always used the of feature for keyword research and monitor the keywords in this tool.

I found out that some of my most important terms were missing SEO optimization but now after using the tool, I’m quickly to fill the gap. There are some SEO tools in market, they can’t track back link but this SEO software is only website that can shows you a lot of detail on your competitor and your own link building.

Another thing I like of Semrush that I can back-link my YouTube video. There are many websites making this feature to monitor your competitor’s website and spy on Seo work on their website. But I don’t like spy on anyone with some illegal practices. Instead of need any back link monitoring software, after using Semrush I’m regularly checking Back link information with the tool.

I have monitor my own site and Some of big competitors, It always show that data in real time. If there are 100 back links at any time, I can enter the task to check each link on the same day. There is another feature I would like to upgrade from premium package when I have more time.

The SemRush software compatibility with Mac

If you are a Mac user then I have another best thing for you. The is no any limitation of Mac. It works perfectly on Mac OS X version 10.6, 10.7 &and 10.8 (Mountain Lion). I am using the operating system from three years and never faced any problem.

Semrush software is only one SEO tool that works perfectly with Mac OS X interface and there are no any issues faced. But there are many SEO tools which works on all operating system including Mac.


If I have to recommend best SEO tracking software then it should be Semrush for Mac and PC. Semrush is one of the popular SEO tracking software in the market at a quite affordable price. I am also using Semrush for three years. Semrush has so many features, but there are restrictions on free version, you have try out premium version to catch complete overview of all feature.

The Drawbacks Of Semrush Premium Version

If you are beginner, the free version was enough to track back links, keywords ranking and SEO report. But if you are pay for premium subscription plan, there should be way more features than free version. Here are the drawbacks in premium plan:

  1. In the free version, there was Ad Rank Tracking and Traffic Source, but for premium version you have to pay extra money. On the other hand with paying few extra you get premium quality data.
  2. There are many features available in premium plan, you can use website auditing. Website auditing is my favourite feature but if you are not pay then you can’t use it. If you want to know the list of premium features you can click here.
  3. I really suggest that must try the premium version plan to know more about the tool. But I don’t recommend signing up for monthly or yearly plan they are expensive compare to free. Try out one time, even some great tools like Mangool Keyword Explorer has premium version, but they are not compromising with free version.

Online Promotion Tool: No doubt semrush is best online promotion tool. It helps you to generate targeted traffic to its own platform. Just use a smart tactic like: by using the Facebook ads system or Google’s AdWords. Collect email list optin with a form link to your on-line platform and attract the targeted search traffic also gain more social media followers, that time you can full fill their internet need by adding specific content.

Semrush Review: Final Words

If you want to get SEO software for Mac then you are at right place; Semrush a e one of the best seo software.

If you think semrush is best SEO software for Mac then why don’t you give it a try? I’m sure it would help you to track your website back link, keywords ranking and SEO report.

Just give it a try and if you don’t like then stop using it. But I am sure you would like it. There is no perfect SEO tool, but there are many minor issues with the software, which I’m sure that could be fixed by developers soon at a latest.

I give 4.3 rating out of 5 if you think I could improve my score, do comment for that purpose and I would love to fix it.

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