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URL Rewriting Tool

What is the URL? URL or Uniform Resource Locator is a direct reference or address to a web resource on the internet. Technically speaking URL is a subset of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), though colloquially the terms are interchanged. People also call URLs as web addresses, which is alright. Every URL consists of a couple … Read more

Domain Name into IP Address

Domain and Internet Protocol address or IP address is a key part of every website. There exists no website on the internet that is devoid of either domain or IP. That means all the websites and pages, even your favorite ones have a domain and IP. But before we delve ahead into how to convert … Read more

What is a domain age checker

There are multiple factors affecting the ranking of your page on the Search Engine Results Page. You might be aware of keywords, backlinks, on and off page SEO. But one of the most overlooked factors of all is the domain age. It is not uncommon to see even some professionals and well established SEO optimizers … Read more

What is Google Malware Checker

We are in this modern era of the internet, where each and every day every person’s life revolves in and around the web. But we need to be aware of a few threats to not only us but also our data and devices. What are these threats? These are nothing but essentially some malicious software, … Read more

What is a keyword density checker

Saying that keywords are the heart and soul of Search Engine Optimization won’t be wrong. If you are a writer writing a blog, or if you host a website you will know how important SEO is. And to get the keywords right is thus important. You can thus say that to know how dense is … Read more

What’s my IP address

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label. Every device that is connected to a computer network is assigned an IP address. It uses the Internet Protocol for communications. Even the device you are viewing this article on has an IP address. So, you might be wondering what exactly is this IP address … Read more

Website Link Analyzer

Links to and from your sites are an essential part of Search Engine Optimization. What hyperlinks basically do is to redirect the user from one web page to the other. Links can be embedded into keywords, by hyperlinking the URL of the designated site to the words. To analyze the links, and to know more … Read more

Online Ping Website Tool

In Search Engine Optimization, the load times of a particular web page or a website is of great importance. Most of the Search Engines, including Google will rank your page higher if it loads quickly. The general rule is that your page shouldn’t take more than 7 seconds to load. If your web page loads … Read more

Word Counter

The heart and soul of all the Search Engine Optimized content lies in the words. Words hold the magic in them to change how the person reading the writings feel. Perhaps some would even say it holds a lot more in that, and they would not be wrong. But to note is the fact that … Read more

Alexa Rank Checker

You might have created a website, and optimized it. You might have checked its Search Engine Results Page rank. But to know the popularity of it is of utmost importance. One of the better known ways to check how popular or unpopular a site is is to check its “Web Alexa.” This can be done … Read more

Backlink checker

Search Engine Optimization is the ultimate way to further the cause of a business endeavor. Having the right amount of exposure is a necessity to bring in more people. They help your audience to look into your products and services and offer a good and loyal customer base. Backlink maker is one such tool to … Read more