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XML Sitemap Generator

As a blogger or owner of a website you would definitely want it to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP). Everyone does, but the important thing that people miss out on is how to do that. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one of the ways to do so. Your web page or site is … Read more

Robots.txt Generator

You might be a blogger or might be someone who hosts a website. You would have definitely stumbled upon robots.txt after being around in the scene of Search Engine Optimization. But again there are high chances that you would have skipped it because of how complex it looks. Today that difficulty would be reduced to … Read more

Keyword Position Checker

The soul of Search Engine is around the keywords that you use. Gathering data on your Search Engine Result Page’s rankings is one of the most essential metrics for measuring your SEO strategy. A simple seeming task is to do Keyword Position Checking. Being data driven and having good content is a part of the … Read more

Backlink maker

Search Engine Optimization is the ultimate way to further the cause of a business endeavor. Having the right amount of exposure is a necessity to bring in more people. They help your audience to look into your products and services and offer a good and loyal customer base. Backlink maker is one such tool to … Read more

Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags are one of the most basic elements of SEO, and also the part which you should never overlook. And the most basic and the simplest tool to help you out with meta tags is the Meta Tag Generator. What is Meta Tag? Meta Tags are nothing but mere pieces of text that describe … Read more

Meta Tag Analyzer

Meta tags are one of the most basic elements of SEO, and also the part which you should never overlook. Meta Tags are nothing but mere pieces of text that describe a page and/or its content. They don’t necessarily appear on the page, just in the page’s source code. Even though meta tags are not … Read more

Plagiarism Checker

For people in the writing industry know the importance of the originality of the content. You might be a beginner, amateur or a professional one thing that you all will have in common is writing plagiarism free content. You might have written a literary masterpiece or a groundbreaking article about something you love. But there … Read more

Free Article Rewriter

Being an author isn’t easy; each and every day, coming with new thoughts, expressions and words is a tough system to keep up with. Rewriting textual content is a solution. But still doing it manual is pretty critical too. The developers have made this tool, Free article rewriter to help writers to lower their burden. … Read more

A simple guide to SEMrush keyword research

Introduction Effective SEO keyword research enables you to discover words, sentences, questions, and answers that are important to your customers are your website and where is the traffic coming from. There are various tools for SEO as either they get more page views, capture guidance, or sell goods and services or they are also important … Read more

Best Amazon WordPress plugin

Introduction Nowadays WordPress plugins are used to market for Amazon Associates related to affiliate products. There is a range of useful free plug-ins to help you to promote Amazon products more effectively (and to ensure compliance with the rules of Amazon Associates). You should select the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins to get the profit … Read more

How to edit footer in WordPress

How to edit footer in WordPress? You might have started building your own website on WordPress. There are high chances that you are overwhelmed with the options and choices presented in front of you. Each offering their own granular customization in different niches. The design, plug-in, themes, customization, etc can be a lot to handle … Read more

What Are Best WordPress Themes For Seo?

What Are Best WordPress Themes For Seo? There are probably hundreds of SEO – optimized WordPress Themes For Seo, but today we list some of the best WordPress Themes For Seo that will help you get good SEO rankings There is a lot of good WordPress and WordPress Themes For Seo that can help in … Read more