How to Use STAT to Find SEO Opportunities at Scale

Webmasters and SEO professionals know that getting into Google’s good graces is hard work. Most sites are continuously working to improve their chances of ranking well in search results, even though there’s no way to know for sure if their efforts will actually translate into high organic positions in SERPs (search engine result pages). This … Read more

How to Calculate Your SEO ROI Using Google Analytics

For many organizations, marketing exists to drive leads and sales. There are many tactics for generating leads and conversions, but SEO is usually part of that mix. Without measurements, SEO can be difficult to justify as a marketing channel. By looking at the right data, you can better justify your SEO efforts. If you’re responsible … Read more

10 Tips To Find Best Keywords For SEO

Here are the tips you need to follow to find best keywords for SEO:- 1. Find Words With High Search Volumes First, try to find words with high search volumes. High search volumes mean that they have greater chances of getting ranked higher for. 2. Pay Attention To The Competition After finding the high search … Read more