24 Blog Commenting Guidelines.

24 blog commenting guideline

As a professional blogger who is well versed with the blogging world, I have been approached by many businesses, big and small, that want to know where they can find the right people to comment on their blog posts. This is a reasonable request, after all, if you are going to post on someone else’s … Read more

economy linux hosting with cpanel

A phenomenal Linux hosting plan that is available in Godaddy can be considered as economy Linux hosting with a c panel.   This hosting plan is specially made for freelancers and small business owners. This is because with the help of this hosting plan freelancers and small business plans can comfortably host a single website … Read more

7 Actions that you should take to get new leads

Using LinkedIn connections Linkedin is a professional community that has reliable and trustworthy clients. Most of the freelancers or digital marketing magazines are using this platform to score a new client. Well, now you must be wondering how to get leads through LinkedIn? Well, the answer is simple. First, you need to write an effective … Read more

5 best Forum plugin

A forum is a place where like-minded people want to discuss ideas and thoughts. For instance, let’s say that you love visiting a forum that concentrates on games. So when you find someone who has the same interest in you. Then the satisfaction that comes with it is immense Now if you are really interested … Read more

How to make columns in WordPress without plugin

How to make columns in WordPress without plugin Have you started making a website on WordPress and wanted to insert columns, for comparison between different things. Or to present your website in a better manner. But have difficulties with inserting columns without plugin or have no idea how to do it? Don’t you worry, this … Read more

Free forum hosting with own domain

Think forum as an online help board where people flock to get information. Let’s say that you are having a particular problem in your car and you want someone to tell you how to solve it As soon as you type the complication on the internet. The search engine will direct your problems to websites … Read more

Best schema plugin for WordPress

Best schema plugin for WordPress Introduction Schema plug-in markup is code you put on your homepage to help search engines provide users with information. So, the scheme does not only support the search engine for SEO purposes but also. The functionality of the plug-in is fast. You begin by selecting the schema form you want … Read more

Which processor to choose for a web server

You might have just started a new web server to host a bunch of your own websites. You might want to host files, and other assets. Or you may have static or dynamic content. But you might have a question in your mind, regarding what processor to choose for a web server. There is never … Read more