Tips and tricks to run successful PPC campaign


Not everybody can pull off a good PPC campaign, but the ones who do they treated as the most valuable in any organization. As a digital marketer, you have just few minute to make the client trust in you. This can only happen with right PPC ad. 

Now a day’s digital marketers are so worried about conversion rates and ROI that they instruct their content writers to write a blog without making is available for sell.

If a content writer doesn’t motivate the customers to click a product, then how do you imagine that your business would be prosperous?  Today we will list some valuable tips and tricks to have a phenomenal PPC copy.

Fix 1:  Always pay attention to headline 

  • You may be having all the precious keywords that will make your website rank in Google, but if you can’t think of a an attractive headline then your game ends here. See when you are interested in telling people your services, then you headline should always follow the rule ‘AEI” which is attractive effective and interesting. 

Fix 2: Taking the time to research about keyword 

  • Now this will require certain kind of skill. See for instance, if you have product related to skincare, then go to the top your competitor website and then try to find the keywords. 
  • After that, you need two tools for your keyword research. One is known as the unbersuggest and the other is known as the Google keyword planner. Once you take use of the platform, you will get a list of keywords that will catategorised into low competition and high competition.  Go through them and find out which will work best for your business 

Fix 3: Be direct

You may be a cloud service provider that deals in Microsoft.  So that means you need to tell your customers that you why should they start using Microsoft 365 for your business needs.  

Don’t use filler just increase the word count? The more direct you are, less the bounce rate.  Look at this article, we have straight away jumped on topic, we did use any irrelevant stuffs of information just to make the copy long 

Fix 4: Try to end with a call to action 

There are two types of call to action, one is known as the intense call to action and the other is known as normal call to action. In intense call to action your product will be highlighted at every paragraph. In traditional ones, they are only mentioned at the end. 

Fix 5: Content checks 

This is important as you will be judged by your writing skills.  Always proofread and check fro grammar when you are adding content in your website. 

Also, make sure that your images are royalty free.  In addition, when you are writing a point, try to justify it evidence like stats and figures which proves that your content is genuine 

Parting tips 

So from the above information, we have stated all the points that will help you create a impeccable PPC ad. In case you are still have some doubts, reach out to us for help. 

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