Top ways in which you can cause lead generation by bringing organic traffic


Have you ever thought that link building can be a significant move in your digital marketing strategy? The answer is a resounding no. Well let us enlighten you that every small and large business are using this move of lead generation to bring quality traffic to their website

Now it has to be noted that using the ethical techniques to do link generation will guarantee that your brand image is not jeopardized. This is the reason, we have come with 5 ways in which ethical lead generation can be done.

Before we jump into the topic right way, you must know what linking building is all about

Things to know about link building

See you need to realize the fact, Google algorithm depends on content and link structure simultaneously. When proper content and link structure is used then website authority can be increased or else it can be decreased

By link building, we mean providing backings, that contribute a significant role in lead generation. Now you must realize that creating backlinks on a high DA website can be a challenging task and hence specific certain techniques need to be used to create sales and visibility

5 Ethical Ways

  1. Guest blogging

Digital marketers love to get lead through guest blogging.  According to recent reports, it has  been revealed that blogs can get you 58 % more website visitors and 95 % more inbound links

Now if you are thinking, does guest blogging really works, then the answer is yes.  For instance, say that you love to write in technology. Now your goal should be finding high DA/PA websites of tech domain.  See what kind of visitors they have,  observe how the website writer writes then content. Then write your own content.

  1. Graphic posting

Remember a visual graphic hits the mind more powerfully than written content? It has to be a graphic posting.  When you do graphic posting on slide share and Pinterest, you get new visitors to your website. The visitors will look at your picture and then click on it to read the whole story.

Graphic posting is considered as one of the major techniques of social media marketing that helps you get a loyal audience and increase your brand value. You can post graphics like diagrams, infographics, and charts.

3.Survey data and Research

See if you want the lead generation then your content should be of very high quality. Your content should followup survey data and research data,  that would show the readers that you have enough evidence to back up what you claim. In order to create a good survey material. You need to do these things 

  • Spend  time to decide your target audience
  • Promote your surveys on social media and through email listing
  • Always keep in mind to go for multiple-choice questions, because people hate to write answers 
  1. Fix the broken

It might have skipped your mind, that sometimes a broken link can harm your website.  So fixing this issue might bring you more organic traffic.  Make sure that you use google analytics to see how many links have been broken in your website

See the process of fixing a broken has an easy learning curve. Let us explain it in a simple format so that you have no trouble understanding.  First, you need to go to the analytics dashboard and then click on an option known as the behavior

After that, you need to click on a follow-up option known as the site content. Once you have selected the content you should set a date, choose a page title, and then straightaway go to the advanced search option.  After all this, you just to click on the requirement. 

  1. Round Maps

Blogs that come out only monthly and weekly can be are known as roundups. These will help you reach your target audience in no time.  In order to search in Google for round follow the syntax

Topic + the title + roundup. For example, you want to find the best tech blog so that method will be topic+best tech blog post, or topic + monthly roundup, and topic + weekly roundup

Parting Tips

Hope all the information presented above has let you know about the ethical ways on how you can bring organic traffic.  Others were of lead generation are not mentioned since they are not effective in bringing the quality audience as per our research  If you found this digital information useful,  check us out for more updates on content strategy techniques 

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