URL Rewriting Tool


URL Rewriting Tool

What is the URL?

URL or Uniform Resource Locator is a direct reference or address to a web resource on the internet. Technically speaking URL is a subset of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), though colloquially the terms are interchanged.

People also call URLs as web addresses, which is alright. Every URL consists of a couple of things namely the protocol and the domain name. Port, path to file, parameters, and anchor are also a part of URL, but they are optional and not visible in every URL.

Why rewrite URLs?

The primary reason to change/rewrite the URL is for people to remember it easily. To know the exact website address including the path, parameters and anchor can be difficult. This is because people deal with multiple websites on a daily basis. In addition to the fact that they would generally not care enough to remember a long string of alphanumeric words.

What does rewriting URLs do?

Rewriting the URL makes it shorter and easier to memorize so that people can easily just type in the shorter version. They do not have to type the complete web address. Making it accessible to more and more people.

What it actually does is create a syntax which redirects the search engine/browser to search for a previously designated path.

For example, you just have to search for amazon.com in the search bar. Instead of writing the complete website URL because it has been rewritten to be short.

Semantically, things that are easier for people to understand and remember will be understood and remembered for a longer time. So rewriting your website’s URL is a great way to spread it out to more people. This basically means that you are getting a chance to bring in more people to your site by making the life of end-users easier.

You can even say that rewriting the website’s web address changes the expression of a web page on the face of Google.

This means that you can rank higher on Google’s Search Engine Results page (SERP). This increased ranking is highly effective for business and individuals alike. You could say that rewriting the URL can be considered as a key part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How to rewrite the URL of your website?

There are many tools available on the internet which can rewrite the URL of your website. What the tool basically does is to make the web address smaller.

But before you start rewriting the URL of your website you need to know that only dynamic URLs can be rewritten. Static URLs can not be re-written.

This is because dynamic URLs can be changed, but static URLs can not be changed. This article would help you explain about it in a bit of detail.

Normally all you have to do in these tools is write or paste the URL of your website. Then the tool will do the rest of the work with minimal input from your side.

Which URL rewriting tool to use?

If you go on the internet and search for URL rewriting tools, hundreds of search results will show up. But the main issue with them is most are either paid or require logging-in before you can do anything. Some even ask for your credit card information. Giving such sensitive information to a random website on the internet is not recommended as it might not be safe.

But don’t you worry, there are tools on the internet such as URL Rewriting Tool by Free SEO Tools Portal. This is a completely free to use online tool which does not require you to upload any sensitive personal information.

All you have to do is to enter the web address of your website in the box and click on the blue submit button. And voilà, that’s it just following the simple steps can not only help you re-write the URL. But also to reach out to more and more people who might require your product/service.

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