What is a keyword density checker


Saying that keywords are the heart and soul of Search Engine Optimization won’t be wrong. If you are a writer writing a blog, or if you host a website you will know how important SEO is. And to get the keywords right is thus important. You can thus say that to know how dense is the keyword in a web page. And to know that, you need a keyword density checker.

You might have a question in your mind now, “What is a keyword density checker?”

Keyword Density checker

What is a keyword density checker?

Keyword density checker is a software tool which tells the density of keywords in your web page. The ratio/percentage of the number of keywords to total words is keyword density. This has got an impact on the ranking on the Search Engine Results Page.

This tool will give you the exact number of keywords in comparison to the total number of words in the web page.

Now that you know what keyword density and what the tool does, let us look at its importance next.

Importance of keyword density

In today’s world, keyword density plays a comparatively small role in SEO for a particular word. But that does not mean that you should negate that. Having focus on your keywords is really important both on the on-page and off-page elements. It is the combination of both that will help you rank higher.

Title tag, Meta description, H₁, body, alt tag, internal links, backlinks, and anchor text all these are important. They need to be optimized well for the keywords in addition to your content. Having both these optimized well with good keyword density is a great place to start with.

(You can analyze your meta tags using the Meta Tag Analyzer)

On that note, the next question arises. “What is the most ideal keyword density?

Ideal Keyword Density

The fact that keywords help your page rank higher means that you might think of using as many keywords possible. But this can be harmful from the perspective of SEO. As most of the search engines including Google flag these web pages for key-word stuffing. In technical terms, this is called Over Optimization Penalty.

It is highly recommended that you write your content for the consumption by users. If you plan and write content focused for bots and crawlers, the content might look highly unnatural. By unnatural, it means that the content doesn’t look or feel good enough for the consumption by users.

Writing the texts on your page in order to help people learn from, it is natural writing. While in the flow of writing for others, you naturally inculcate most of the keywords you would require. Making it look fluent in flow and not stuffed.

In terms of percentage, keeping it around 1.5% would be ideal. But you should also know that this differs from page to page. It also depends on the genre for which you are optimizing your web page.

You can generate tentative keywords from this tool. And using a keyword position checker is also a good way to make your SEO better.

Tips to keep your content informative and presentable

  1. Articles should feel natural.
  2. Have good keyword density.
  3. Avoid keyword stuffing, and avoid repetition of words.
  4. Usage of semantic keywords
  5. Using variations of keywords.

Which keyword density checker to use?

If you go and type “Keyword density checker” on any of the search engines, the results page will have many sites. But the primary issue with most of these sites is that they are either too sketchy or are paid.

Sketchy in the sense that they require your log-in (through Google account, or from other sources). Some even ask for your credit card information. It is too difficult to trust some random site on the internet with your sensitive data.

Thankfully, Keyword Density Checker by Free SEO Tools Portal is not one of them. This is a completely free to use platform which does not necessitate signing-up or entering sensitive information. All you have to do is to enter the URL for which you need to identify the keyword density. Then click on the blue submit button. The tool will do all the work and present in front of you a table of data for your usage.

This tool will not only help you out with making your own website better. But also will give you a good mark of judgement for your competitors performance.

Make sure to write good, natural and helpful content and the algorithm will do the rest for you.

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